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  • B2S,
    I still don't see that.
    In 2008-9 he played 14 times and scored 5 (not great) and Daffy started 7 (and was used as a sub on 3) and scored 4 (better).
    So Keane was scoring every 3 games (251 mins) games and Daffy every 2 (175 mins).

    In 2009-10 Keane started 18 and was used as a sub in seven, scoring 9. Daffy started 39 and was used as a sub in 4, scoring 24.
    Keane was scoring effectively better than 1 in 1.75 (every 160 mins) and Daffy 1 in every 1.5 (every 133 mins). So again Daffy was better - I agree - but this isn't showing that Keane is crap.
    As for Crouch, he started 29 and was used as sub on 17 and scored 13 - effectively 1 in (every 229 mins).

    This season is difficulty to judge - but:
    Daffy had started 4 and scored 1 - so 1 in 4 (every 285 mins)
    Keane has started 2 and been used as sub in 8, scoring 1 (so 1 in 3.5) (every 335 mins)
    Crouch has started 11, been used as sub in 3 and scored 4 (so 1 in 2.5) (every 228 mins)

    So - surely, the figures just don't agree with what your saying - how can you judge on 2 starts this season? And if you judge on last season on last season 1 in less than 2 is pretty good.

    Again, I'm not saying he's brilliant. Far from it - but it seems like the emperors clothes - as soon as someone says '...he's crap.....' loads just jump on the bandwagon. I've seen it with Daws, Robinson, Bentley (recall when he stood in for Lennon for a protracted period how much better he started playing? - how quickly it's all forgotten), Bale....who's next? Ekotto and Corluka are being villanised.

    So is it all an illusion? - as I think we have a pretty good squad - but if you take out everyone that's 'crap' or should be sold, you'd barely have enough left to pick a match day squad. Not too good eh? I base that on the comments about:
    Corluka, Keane, Pav, Bentley, Ekotto, Hutton, Bassong, Palacios, Jenas