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  • B2S,
    I apologise if I get a bit arsy over this, but it's not about Keane.

    Over the past few years I've seen the comments abound '....he's crap ..... he's a god ....' and most of it 'subjective' based on personal likes and dislikes. Bent was roundly slagged off - but irrespective of whether you like a players style or not, surely people can see beyond the end of their nose?
    Bent was never crap, nor Daws nor Bale nor Robinson....If a striker is in the right place at the right time to score, that's what he's paid for, whether it comes off his shin or his bum (or the back of his head). ALL players take dips in form. Teams take dips in form as confidence sags.

    Keane may have reached the end of his road, but how can you judge that from 'outside' when he's not playing? 'Arry can, as he sees him in training et al and sees whether he's still got it. But from the 'outside', if he was like Torres and played each week (or Heskey) and didn't score - then I'd be there with the rest (unless he brought something else to the team ;-)!). But that just isn't the case as he hasn't been given the time.

    I can't stand Daffy on a personal level - but he's not crap - he'll probably score 15 goals (EPL) a season. BUT I would say that any of our strikers, given the same run, would all be in that bracket. The problem is that at the moment (and towards the end of last season all our strikers aren't scoring 'prolifically' . Crouch scored what - in 3 of the last 20 games last season (but I can see that Crouch does give more than just goals to the team - whether on balance, that is positive or negative, I'm still not sure)? Pav in 5 of the last 16 games. and Daffy in 6 games of the last 22 (24 total, 3 injured). Keane as you say was on loan, but he was scoring - I forget the figures but it was something like 16 in 19 games.

    PS as for Keane's goals and 4 against Burnley - that's fine, but if you then start to play that ('the other team were poor') card, then you surely have to discount Daffy's 5 against Wigan also...and then do you discount goals against any bottom 3 team? If you want to just compare EPL goals that's fine and I'd prefer to work on that basis

    I just think that any striker coming on for short spells in a game is on a hiding to nothing. Typically they have been brought on as the 'regular' striker has failed to score - so what chance then do they have? They normally are given from circa the 60 minute onwards to do what the main striker hasn't been able to do in twice the time. Not an enviable job eh? I don't think I'd like it if my boss said '...look that bloke over there hasn't processed all the orders - he had 7 hours to get 100 done - we'll give you 3 hours to do the same 100....'. No thanks.