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  • I'm sorry John, but Keane was given the time ( and the captain's armband) when he came back from the dippers and I think most people would agree that he wasn't the player that left Tottenham for Anfield.

    I agree with a lot of what you say, but 'arry and his helpers can't be seeing much in training to give him a start. It's a bit chicken and egg really, if you don't score you won't play and if you don't play then you can't score.

    That's the lot of a striker, he has to score when he gets on, or at least come close with one or two efforts, or maybe show some good link up play or good positioning. Fact is, Keane isn't doing any of it and I suspect he, as said already, isn't showing in training either.

    I have to say I'm not that impressed with Pav or Crouch's scoring rate either. But Crouch does hold and release the ball much better and it's not his fault he keeps getting the long ball. Pav is a mystery, he ought to be so much more effective than he is but he doesn't know how to put himself about. He is too lightweight and I think he will need to toughen up or he will be gone before too much longer.

    Trouble is, midfielders and defenders can be so-so and still get a run of games. Different story for strikers (and goalkeepers).