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  • to be honest im not too fussed if keane wasnt scoring but playing well.

    but the fact is
    he isnt making good runs
    he isnt holding the ball up well
    he isnt getting in good positions to score,
    he isnt creating chances for others
    he isnt making good passes
    he isnt taking players on & beating them
    he isnt flicking the ball on for others
    he isnt a threat to defences
    he isnt getting involved in the game
    he isnt testing the defence with pace or strength
    he isnt linking up well with others.

    even if defoe doesnt score he is still making good runs, getting in good positions, testing the defence with his pace, passes the ball & creates chances for others.

    he is improved his all round game a lot & become a lot less selfish.

    pav for me is too lightweight for this league but he is still more of a threat than keane.

    crouch doesnt score a lot but he is something a bit different & links up & holds the ball up well, has a few flick ons & chips in with a few goals. handy to have as 1 of our 4 strikers whether u want to start him or not.

    we have VDV & modric who can do what keane does but better.

    so we have no need for another small attacking player.
    especially 1 who isnt having an impact on games.

    i dont think keane is rubbish like some of had said.

    but i dont think he is good enough for a CL team.

    he is not good enough for us but too good to sit on the bench 99% of the season.

    be best for him & us if he went to mid table prem team where he was appreciated more & got more playing time.

    i rated him before we got him back from liverpool.

    i dont know what it is but he looks to have lost a yard of pace, his link up play & passing has declined & his finishing is a lot poorer.