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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Nov 3, 2010 23:24 Flag

    Bale - Now if we could only...

    ...get young Gareth to think of every team the way he thinks of Inter...we would be a shoo-in for major honours year on year!

    Have to admit he was totally absent (well, not totally, but he's starting to set the bar high) at OT on Saturday...and then he comes back home and absolutely punishes one of the premier right backs in the world (albeit, one known more for his attacking flair than his defending)...all night long and as Cyndi Lauper sang..Time After Time!

    maybe 2 lights-out games in a row then a rest...two on one off.

    Lennon was a menace last night too...just that no one could seem to latch onto his crosses (and they weren't bad crosses...byline and pull back, just like the book says!)...otherwise it would have been a romp (though 3-1 almost qualifies)...it was what, there first loss in "how many games" in all comps?

    Kaboul at a good game (even when he played himself into trouble, he managed to play his way out of it.

    VdV...what can i say, other than I hope his hammy isn't too bad and he doesn't miss any time...what a revelation! (And he talks like his countryman our beloved Martin Jol, that clipped Dutch-English accent).

    All-in-all an enjoyable game, both sides went for it...and we won!

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    • Rambro......IMHO, It's not just Bale. The whole team last night were tremendous. Didn't allow Inter time on the ball, played at a high tempo and really ran them ragged.
      WHY OH WHY can't we do that every game??????
      The commentators say that foreign teams have trouble coping with the pace of the EPL.
      TRUE but Spurs don't play like this in the league. Do they????
      The last time I can remember us playing like that in the league was the 0-0 with Man City. Which, without Joe Hart, should have been a walk over. If only we played every game with that intensity we would be up there really competing for the title.
      Have a word Harry, PLEASE.