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    Rememberance Sunday 2010 on 14th November 2010

    On Sunday 14th November the nation will stand silent and pay respects to those who have fallen in the great wars and other conflicts. The men and women who have sacrificed their own lives for this country in order to create a better world - have not drifted from the memory of decent people who will show respect for the efforts of those that have fallen. Remembrance Sunday gives all communities and gatherings of decent folk to mark this solemn occasion with a minute of silence. At sporting events and other occasions acknowledge together the efforts of countries like the United Kingdom to stand up against tyranny to protect our own freedoms, no matter what the cost. Chelsea FC has been affiliated with the Pensioners (Ex Servicemen who have been disabled) for many years, actually even adopting the name as their nickname for many years . Chelsea FC adidas home kit pays tribute to their veteran supporters - the Chelsea pensioners, who are famed for their red coats, with the inclusion of a red trim on their traditional blue strip.
    Let us all of us who use the message boards stand together and pay tribute to those who have served this country in the past and present.
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    Celtic have apologised for an anti-poppy banner that was displayed during the 9-0 win over Aberdeen at Parkhead on Saturday.
    Celtic responded to the controversy by issuing a statement on the club's website which said: "The actions of this small minority have no place at Celtic Park. We are currently investigating the matter and, clearly, we apologise for any offence caused."

    YAHOO. COM have continued to delete any message of respect yet allow abuse (as in the Celtic placards) on any anti UK isssue

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    • Have to agree with majority here, brave souls deserve respect. Recent wars have heroes too, regardless of political agenda.

      Well done to most here, they deserve the best

    • There are three or four of these fools stirring up trouble, especially on the Chelsea board. Just ignore them or put a white poppy in your avatar and they will soon go away.

    • Exactly what I was trying to say, KM. I understand ed's anger about the current conflicts, and I would love to see our forces home defending our borders, I was never condoning the Iraq conflict, except when I believed Saddam was concealing WMDs, and I thought the world was in peril. So did our forces. Hindsight tells us it was an unjust war in which hundreds of thousands died. It was not the fault of our troops who were led by guilty politicians and flawed intelligence. Armistice day is 11/11/10. I wear my poppy not with pride, but with gratitude...and will observe the minute of silence out of respect for the fallen. People who have proved worthy of the greatest respect.

    • Ed, as HighRoad has said Remembrance Day has been around for nearly a century and only latterly has it also included those who've died in subsequent wars. I wear my poppy with pride but appreciate there are those who disagree.

      Whatever your views, and I don't agree with the decision to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq either, it seems you're denigrating the memory of those who have fought and given their lives for this country to help maintain the freedoms we enjoy today. Without those sacrifices Britain would have been a completely different place, one in which I sincerely doubt you'd have been free or able to make such comments.

    • My remarks were generally aired, I then followed with something I thought may be of interest to you, hence why you were named in the second part and not the first.

    • if you mean that we should somehow honour the illegal and disgusting war in iraq fostered by two war criminals, bush & blair, then go take a jump. this whole poppy business has been taken over by people who want to justify and vindicate illegitimate conflicts that are all about protecting US and British oil interests and advancing the ambitions of neocons in America and Israel and i for one will play no part in their ceremonies.