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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Nov 11, 2010 07:41 Flag

    Rememberance Sunday 2010 on 14th November 2010

    Exactly what I was trying to say, KM. I understand ed's anger about the current conflicts, and I would love to see our forces home defending our borders, I was never condoning the Iraq conflict, except when I believed Saddam was concealing WMDs, and I thought the world was in peril. So did our forces. Hindsight tells us it was an unjust war in which hundreds of thousands died. It was not the fault of our troops who were led by guilty politicians and flawed intelligence. Armistice day is 11/11/10. I wear my poppy not with pride, but with gratitude...and will observe the minute of silence out of respect for the fallen. People who have proved worthy of the greatest respect.