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  • DEREK W DEREK W Nov 14, 2010 18:57 Flag

    the good ,the bad and the ugly

    the good...we won and scored 4 goals
    the bad.....we let in 2 goals at the end thro' poor defending
    the ugly....we need to bolster our defence in the New Year...and harry has bneen tapped up by the F A about the England job...
    if he does fly the nest who would you like to see replace him....me?...martin Jol again

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    • Surely the biggest variables are the Ref and also where we're playing. Clattenberg & Old Trafford for example...

    • Try using psuedo and neo in a post about football...i got faith in ya

    • We haven't had a really bad (cheating) dive since the one Zokora did a few years back. Jenas was on his way down, not sure iff it was by contat or he just lost his balance (balance can be lost due to contact, and when you're flying in, it doesn't take much to make you wobble). I remember keane fighting off an obvious foul in the box as he was on his way to goal not so long ago...the commentators said he done himself out of a penalty by stayingon his feet! That begs the question do you have to be knocked on your arse, in the box, to get a penalty? (I mean technically now)...what if you are clearly fouled but you don't go down...is the ref playing the advantage (eventhough there really isn't one)?

    • "Uber" > "Irk" IMO.

    • This is interesting (from Graham Poll's article in the Mail):

      "FIFA don't help either with the advice that if there is any contact between players then the referee should not caution for simulation. That slight and fair contact which is exaggerated to con the ref needs to be punished if it is to be stopped.

      So have Tottenham been targeted due to their propensity to go down easily? I don't believe so. Having looked at previous incidents if diving this season I am hard pushed to think of an incident involving a Spurs player."

      So Bentley, having had contact from 2 players, definitely shouldn't have been booked, and our players are actually uber clean! That's nice to know

    • Ledley King.

      If he's not fit enough to play on the pitch, we know the next best thing. :P

    • Chris Hughton with Gus Poyet.

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      • Chris Hughton with Gus Poyet. Not sure both these managers have the ruthlessness in them to stop big ego players taking over the nest.

        I wouldn't mind someone like Steve Bruce who would prefer to kick the shite out of a player and have the balls to let them rot in the reserves. To many prima donas and it would take a big man like him or Moyes to stop players taking over.

        Besides hope HR does not leave, as I think the England job is the fastest way to failure. HR is great in the cup comps so he may still have a trick up his sleeve on getting us as far as we can in the Champs League.