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  • ANNE ANNE Nov 19, 2010 14:52 Flag

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Sign him up - he has at least one good game a season and City fans don't want him.

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    • Moody, sullky, lazy and controversial. BUT if, and it is a big IF, Arry could get the best out of him then yes sign him up. On form he is better than Pav or Crouch (and certainly Keane) IMO

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      • Oooh, not sure about this one...all the negative attributes Sfer pointed out ring true, but we do have the ace up our sleeve, that being 'Arry, the inspiration to many an off-form, under-achieving player. VDV has already hailed 'Arry's relaxed technique as the key to his return not only to form, but to loving his football again (something I feel EA is not doing at the moment). So, if we did, and it worked, then yes, good deal, if we don't go in for him, then no big deal...but if we get him and he doesn't change, then we have that 4th striker on our hands again...well actually 5th now that Daffy's back, and that's pushing it since i think we more need a healthy experienced CB more than we need another striker (IMHO).