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  • ANNE ANNE Nov 21, 2010 02:46 Flag

    The sweetest 3 points of the season so far!!!

    That's your cup final totteringham fans - knew Bale wasn't injured - went down like a sack of spuds - and then running around two seconds later - english cheat.. end of...

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    • And your team don't do the same? You must be wearing Whingers blinkers. Bandying the word cheat about other players is a bit rich considering.Ar$e have had some players worthy of an oscar for their play acting.

      Oh, and Bale's Welsh not English, but at least he's British - not like the team of foreigners Whinger put out today before allowing Walcott to get some time on the pitch.

    • He went down because he was winded. That is very painful but only for a brief time. Watch the reply of how he went down. Also banged his shoulder. Again, painful but brief. No cheating, he got up and got on with it. And scored. And Spurs beat Arsenal. 3-2.

      End of.

      Oh, and Bale is Welsh.

    • Can't believe that anyone with even pretensions of interest in football doesn't know Gareth Bale is a Welshman! Still, that's your plastic, anti-English gooner for you! There's a ferry every ninety minutes from Dover to Calais, so feel free not to stay here!

    • Dearest Anne,

      Firstly welcome to the SPURS message board. You really have embarrassed yourself! what we all witnessed on saturday was one of the best games of football this season. I am the eldest of three and the only Yidd in my family, I watched this with both younger brothers who are massive gooners. On ninty minutes both stood up and conceeded that Spurs deserved their win, then they concentrated on what arsenal need to do to avoid a repeat.

      I suggest you try somthing similar, name calling is for children. I gave them 5 mins of grief then allowed them to wallow in self pity. Why not try some quiet reflection or wallowing, you bitter individual.