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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Nov 20, 2010 22:41 Flag

    The sweetest 3 points of the season so far!!!

    Unbelievable game. What a significance 'Arry's substitutions made.

    Absolutely delighted - we broke our jinx of not winning away at the big 4.


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    • My apologies to the ladies on this board...but I squealed like a schoolgirl when the final whistle blew (it was live on ESPN here...with a much better outcome than the last time we were live on that channel...4-2 loss to Bolton!...So no jinx on ESPN...as a matter of fact, show all our matches there!)

      A tale of two havles where we came out on top (I'm still haunted by those two Manchester games that we had in hand and gave away against all odds).

      Bale's got to be careful, he's a marked man as you saw...and now I really know how fast he is, he left Bacary Sagnadiving for an attempted rugby tackle in the 2nd half as he galloped past him!!
      Kaboul was solid in defense, and like the equalizer in the 4-4 draw against Villa a few seasons back, he scored a timely goal!

      It was definitely a tale of two halves and we sucked in the first one, and were immense and steadfast in the second (was it me, or did the Boy Band in red run out of (Faber)gas?).

      Good win boys, now let's go on from there!

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      • That's your cup final totteringham fans - knew Bale wasn't injured - went down like a sack of spuds - and then running around two seconds later - english cheat.. end of...

      • Great 2nd half, great win well done the lads....Good team spirit to come back from 2 nil down.

        The only negative point I will make is that in recent games I have seen Modric woefully give away the ball away in midfield. Some careless passing which gifts the opposite team possession.

        Bale world class, VDV world class, Gallas still a great defender by our standards, Kaboul getting stronger and more impressive every game I see him play.
        Come Jan would like to see a replacement left back and a world class forward come in.

        Keane and Pav can go a the right price to fund a replacement.

        Other than that we are in good shape. Jenas is playing better and a usefully player if the team is rotated, which it is. He seems to play better if he knows he has to fight for his position week in week out, rather than under MJ when he would start most games.

        Werder at the Lane should be a good game again and then Liverpool at the lane for the taking.


    • 2-0 and they fucked it up...
      Good game. Worth every minute of seeing Whingeing Wenger throw tantrum after tantrum.
      Nice one lads.