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  • Alan H Alan H Nov 21, 2010 21:40 Flag


    Now this is just an observation on my part, but Harry gives the game away in his body language etc and now and again drops hints about the England job---I get the feeling he's got the inside info on the job.
    The FA won't go near him with an offer while he's hiding behind bushes from the tax man. That could all change this Thursday at Southwark if he gets the charges against him dropped.
    For me he's been tapped already and the wheels could start turning quickly. Spurs are at quite an exciting stage at the minute, all down to Harry. Big question if it did happen---who steps in.

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    • It's pretty clear cut to me; Redknapp wants to retire in the relatively near future, Redknapp wants to be England manager before he retires, FA can't afford to get rid of Capello; 'Army'd England manager in 2012.

      For me it was clear he's the next England manager when he got a 1 year contract extension to take him to 2013 - I suspect a gentleman's agreement between him and Levy that he can go but we'll get a payoff. Fingers crossed that by then we'll have an established team, which will attract the best calibre of manager (don't ask me who!), and English players will be looking up again. It could work out for all of us then.

      And he'll always be a legend to us, even if he was a gooner as a child!

    • i dont agree that harry would have to win a cup or else he would have failed.

      semi finals is a good target.

      by your logic germanys manager failed & surely a failure should be sacked?

      i agree its obvious there needs to be a big change in the way we play. more possesion & passing rather then just power & pace.

      but i dont think spains way is the only way to play. a good mix of what we already have (power,pace,physical side) & spains/barcas passing,possesion & movement etc.

      i actually thought spain werent that great in the WC. they were very unconvining in many matches & lets not forget they lost to the mighty swiss.

      spain & barcas style is still beatable especially in knock out football. they way jose set inter up exposed this.

      id prefer a mix a mix of spain/barcas style mixed with jose style of strong & physical & very hard to beat moxed with the english pace, power & physical side.

    • I agree John. Arry has made it known that he considers the honour of being given the England job as being the highest you can get and I said on another thread that he would be tempted by that alone to put on his CV BUT I am pointing out that it comes with a huge risk. By looking at the others who have held the post you can see that most have suffered in terms of reputation after failing to win anything.

      Arry should think long and hard about leaving Spurs, who are on the up, to take the England (with its overpaid prima donnas who don't seem to care very much) job knowing it is very highly likely to leave an indelible stain on his career.

    • The only thing is that 'arry seems to be 'old school' (even though he's not that much older than me), and being chosen by your country is the pinnacle. IMHO I would guess that 'arry would think that to be chosen to be England manager, whether he then went on to win anything or not, is the highest accolade that he could ever be given. I bet he doesn't even compare it to winning the EPL or CL - that's like comparing bananas to golf balls, one's a fruit and one isn't ;-).

      Not like the players nowadays, where wearing the England shirt seems to mean less than sitting on the subs bench for their club.

    • SB you seem to forget that with Spurs Arry can choose from a Worldwide pool of players but with England he can't.

      Yes he could probably do an ok job getting a bit more out of the players available but to change the way England play completely, and enough to compete with the liks of Spain, that would take years of grass roots fundamental upheaval and the FA have shown no signs in recent years that they are willing or able to do that. Hence Arry would fail to deliver as success would only be regarded as won with a World or at least a European Cup win. Seriously, can you see that happening?

    • I really don't want us to lose Harry...he's pushing our frontiers further and further every season. But if we had to, it would be good if it was for the England job. He's one of the greatest motivators in football, and blimey, do England need motivation! They ain't very inspired by Capello the Cap, that's for sure!