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  • Joe Joe Nov 23, 2010 01:17 Flag


    Harry would love the England job and I think most people would agree he would be good in that role. However I think this could be a case of have your cake and eat it.

    I think Harry could and should do both, keegan did! it will allow him to keep a closer eye on whats happening in the premier league and hopefully see something special.

    If the worst was to happen, Martin O'Neil would do, but I question the way his team play football, I know Villa fans who were infuriated by him!

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    • I think Arry would be very tempted but I think it could be the wosrt thing he could do. You only have to look at what happened to McLaren, Hoddle, Taylor and more recently Capello (and just about everybody else since Ramsay) to realise it is a job you can only fail in.

      The expectations we put on the England team V the skill and desire that the players deliver are so wide apart you would be a fool to take it on. There is only one worse Managers job and that is at Liverpool at the moment. Of course he will be tempted so that he can put it on his CV, and who could blame him, but it will all end in tears if he does.

      If he goes we are in trouble as I don't see any automatic choices out there at the moment. I would prefer English or at least British so O'Neil would have to be in the frame. Warnock I don't like but he seems to get the best out of teams. Other than that the only option is to do what the Pool fans are crying out for (Kenny Dalgleish) and that would entail getting Venables back and I am not sure that would work either. Lets just hope he doesn't go shall we.