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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 22, 2010 21:52 Flag

    Gallas at Left Back?

    Given most of us are not completely happy with BAE at LB and given that once Daws/King come back Gallas will be out, what about him at LB?

    Played there before, showed he can still be very good on Sat, wouldn't need to waste his legs making forward runs (Bale will do that) and he is a much more consistent performer who makes far less mistakes than BAE does.

    Just a thought.

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    • ekotto can be really good or really bad as we all know.

      my main problem with him is his attitude. he doesnt care about footbal, whether we win or spurs & sees it just as a job & money.

      so when he switches off, gives away cheap free kicks & pens (bolton), or gives up (nasri arsenal goal) i do question his effort.

      i wouldnt mind keeping him to fight with another LB.
      but we do need another LB.

      gallas would be too slow for LB. i dont like slow players playing full bk.

      but if ekotto was to get injured, id rather gallas go to LB than bale.

    • Sfer, I agree Gallas might be a short term alternative LB, but as benidorm says "He ain't the future".

      Returning to BAE, I can remember when Cashley was very good going forward, but was always caught out of position defensively and he also often displayed arrogance, but he has improved that side of his game and I believe BAE can, given good guidance and encouragement.

      He can be an aggressive tackler and hard to shake off when he puts his mind to it, but his decision making needs improvement.

      He has improved each season and I still believe he's the best LB Spurs have had for quite some time, and he will get better.

      And if not BAE, then who is there available and willing to sign for us.

    • Defensively - maybe

      Consistency - probably

      Link up play with Bale - unlikely IMO.

      I rate BAE very highly abilitywise, it's just his concentration is poor sometimes. Sort that out (how?) and you have got one of the best LBs in the EPL

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      • I think you have one of the more positive views of BAE b2s. You are right of coures - when he plays well it is reallu well but the question is does he perform well often enough against the times he plays badly?

        My problem is, whether he plays badly or well, he never seems like he cares much. I am not saying Gallas should play there instead of him, more that its an option which I have not seen or thought about before.