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  • Joe Joe Nov 23, 2010 01:34 Flag

    Gallas at Left Back?

    A really interesting point, here my take.

    BAE and Hutton are good going forward, but lack defensiely and their concentration is average. Corluka and Gallas are good defensively but linking up and attacking wise I feel they are weaker. So it would be possible to play Gallas at LB if we played a team that warented it.

    I like Spurs attacking like men possessed, in a dream world we would defend in the same way, but for now I will take some poorly conceded goals if we can continue to show craft and skill like we have.

    One step at a time I reckon, unless Harry can sign a truely world class LB lets not sack him off for a maybe man!


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    • Fair enough joe and I see where you are coming from. As I said, I am not sure either but it is an option especially for those on here that don't rate BAE very much.

      I question whether or not BAE is better than Gallas at attacking (Gallas has scored his fair share) but my money is on Gallas being more consistent at doing the defensive bit that BAE.

      Also, it is probably more likely that Arry will be looking for a new striker and then a CB before he looks to replace BAE so this option comes into play even more don't you think?

      Just a thought.

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      • ok i dont like gallas so i know my view might be tainted but gallas has what 1 more season at top flight, and by that i mean playing 30+ games a season. hes not the future for us and we should look past him . same thing for our hero king. i love him and wish he was fit week in week out but we need to look to have a back line that will be there for years , 4-6 players that will be solid and fit all season. gallas and sadly king wont be and there for not the future for spurs.

        if we are serious about building a title winning team then we need a back line line man utd and chelsea have had , arse did it as well. daws , corluka , kaboul and poss hutton and BAE, we need to add 1 quality cb and lb.