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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Nov 25, 2010 05:10 Flag

    What's the point of the 4th/5th refs???

    The one behind the goal should have signalled for Bale's penalty to be re-taken for encroachment - one of the Bremen players clearly ran into the area before Bale had even kicked the ball and he'd have otherwise have been able to knock it in on the rebound.

    Shame for Bale - would have been the icing on the cake for the home CL campaign wouldn't it.

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    • It is a bit of a mockery isn't it KM? Job creation for the inadequate I fear. Lovely performance tonight against poor opposition admittedly, but all the same - the buzz round the ground whenever Bale, Lennon, Hutton or Defoe got the ball came through loud and clear on the box, it must have been so exciting! Was there a touch of arrogance in our play tonight? I think so, something I've rarely seen in a long time. Hard to tell much about our defence tonight, they were too busy attacking, but the whole team had their strut on today! Liverpool might be a tad trickier. Still - last sixteen eh? COYS!!!!

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      • Waste of space both of them. Can't believe none of the pundits on Sky noticed it either - unless they did and decided not to mention it. Might have been different if the score had been 0-0 ...

        Definite air of expectation when Bale and Lennon got the ball down the wings. Much better performance from Lennon and he did brilliantly well to set up 2 of the goals. Don't think there was any arrogance in our play, more quiet confidence; we were a tad vulnerable on the break but Gallas and Kaboul were there to sweep up. Looking nice and solid at CB those two.

        Oh yes, and we kept a clean sheet - at last!!!!

        Hugely looking forward to the Liverpool game on Sunday - not least because it's my birthday and I'm going to it with my daughter :-) Hopefully we won't have the post-CL hangover and follow up last year's home win on opening day.