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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 25, 2010 07:02 Flag

    What's the point of the 4th/5th refs???

    I didn't notice it, nor did the pub I was in. Just watching on the highlights now...looked fairly close to me, but I think you're right.

    Didn't something similar happen to us previously? It feels like it was some time last season, but I can't think when we'd have had the refs on the line then... perhaps an early CL game? I remember being utterly outraged that no-one had seen it.

    More to the point, why didn't one of the bloody strikers want to take it?! And if they didn't, why wasn't it a CM; why a winger??? And bloody ITV commentary, just had a burst of "Gareth Bale's never lost his form" - how quickly they forget the slating they were giving him barely over a year ago!

    Fingers crossed Modric's fine in the morning, they were giving him a bit of a hammering, I'd rather not rest him at the weekend (although the scousers will be in trouble either way...)