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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 25, 2010 06:04 Flag

    a timely reminder...

    Of what Bremen's sporting director Klaus Allofs said in August:

    "Tottenham were perfect for us. We wanted to play teams that we have not played before and that is the case with the English.
    “We are ninth in the UEFA rankings, so why shouldn't we beat Spurs? Is it a difficult group? Only for the others."

    I trust you'll all now join me in the following rendition:

    You're not singing,
    You're not singing,
    You're not singing anymore!

    Speaking of sing songs, I particularly enjoyed the round of "are you Arsenal in disguise"!

    Brilliant. I was at the home Twente and Inter games but not this one, so was a bit concerned I was lucky and this would end badly, but during the march it occurred to me; I'm not lucky, our team's just shit hot at the moment! AND a clean sheet, woohoo!

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    • Timely reminder indeed NBR. I seem to recall he also said words to the effect that Inter would win the group and Bremen were the team to beat for 2nd place.

      Large portion of humble pie for Herr Schaaf coming up!

      Also liked the singing - fab sense of humour the WHL crowd ;-)