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  • Alan H Alan H Dec 7, 2010 00:59 Flag

    Chris Houghton sacked.....

    Brilliant guy, real gent and anyone who can work for fat b@stard Ashley deserves a Victoria Cross.
    But, and this is just my opinion. Chris has never been a permanent fixture up here manager wise. He's done well and hanging around mid table at the minute also. Ashley doesn't want to renew his contract, so rather than give him till the rest of the season pans out, which I would have done, he's done it now.
    God knows who fat b@stard's got lined up, I reckon Tommy Cooper's his advisor.
    One thing is for certain---Chris Hughton leaves St James will his head held high and he'll always command the highest of respect up here. A real gent, a player's man. Whether he wants another manager's job remains to be seen, but his CV's been well enhanced in his time here.