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  • Joe Joe Dec 7, 2010 00:50 Flag

    Chris Houghton sacked.....

    Just plain shameful,

    Chrissy Houghton obviously an increadibly nice /good bloke, He took a job which nobody wanted! He got Newcastle promoted, which many will argue was easy, but look at Middleborough! when they dropped they had a strong team , now they are in the relegation zone again.

    Getting Newcastle promoted showed great ability in man management! look at some of the characters he had to deal with! some of the players still there have a history of being bloody akward. I think that fatty Ashley or who ever made this decison needed to peep their head above the rabbit warren of the north east, there are many other clubs in a far worse situation than Newcastle.

    I would love to see him at the lane again, but feel we already have enough indians!

    Chris you have my sympathy.

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    • Careful joe - calling anybody "fat" will only get you a serious rebuke from our resident cardigan eating thought policeman - ed - the protector of everybody's feelings. God that man must lead a really dull life.

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      • Sfer,

        Tell me about it! Sfer, I am all for speaking your mind and arguing your point and making your arguements interesting and in some cases entertaining.

        Personally, I think when some has the political correctness oozing from every pore, I think they need to take a look at the selves long and hard! then fu*k themselves in the face for being completely and utterly brainwashed.

        I believe that political correctness prevents free expression and is gradually imposing censorship and deminishes freedom of speech. Sorry this was supposed to be about football. I'm beginning to sound as dull as Ed.

        Sorry Ed some of your points are valid, but if you want to be a policeman, join the MET so we can identify you as an arse and steer clear.