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    Chris Houghton sacked.....

    I just cannot believe it!!!! He has built The Toon into a good team without bags of money.
    The money man is a SPURS fan, thank goodness he isn't anything ot do with this club!
    Oh well if Harry goes for the England job I for one would be pleased to see Chris involved in this club again. Not sure he has enough managerial experience for where we hope to be at in the near future though.
    Another gentleman gets dumped on by the owners.

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    • If HR does go and take the England job then I wouldn't mind seeing both Clive Allen and Houghton equally put in charge of first team affairs. Both are legends, and would have the respect of the players.

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      • Hey,

        Whilst Clive Allen and Chris Hughton are legends I'm not sure I'd want them in charge. Personally I think they would both be superb as coaching staff or assistant managers. If we do finish top 4 I think we may need a bigger character like Harry, someone who can help draw higher profile players or someone who can man manage with the best of them.

        Huge respect to Chrissy, good luck in all you do, If H does take the England job, I'd love to see him with us, but with a strong leader above him.

    • Sol Campbell has condemned Newcastle's sacking of manager Chris Hughton and claimed the players will be asking: "What the hell is going on?"

      The Magpies terminated Hughton's contract, saying they needed "someone with more experience", and reserve-team coach Peter Beardsley has been put in charge of the team on a temporary basis. United are 11th in the Premier League and have achieved some notable wins under the guidance of Hughton, who had taken the club back into the top flight at the first attempt.

      The announcement was met with bafflement by veteran Newcastle defender Campbell, who told ESPN footballnet: "This will hit the players hard. The players admired him and liked him and won't be happy now he's gone like this."

    • Just plain shameful,

      Chrissy Houghton obviously an increadibly nice /good bloke, He took a job which nobody wanted! He got Newcastle promoted, which many will argue was easy, but look at Middleborough! when they dropped they had a strong team , now they are in the relegation zone again.

      Getting Newcastle promoted showed great ability in man management! look at some of the characters he had to deal with! some of the players still there have a history of being bloody akward. I think that fatty Ashley or who ever made this decison needed to peep their head above the rabbit warren of the north east, there are many other clubs in a far worse situation than Newcastle.

      I would love to see him at the lane again, but feel we already have enough indians!

      Chris you have my sympathy.

    • Unbelievable. The bloke took them on when they couldn't get anybody else to take the job, got them back in the PL and they sh1t on him from above. Shame on them.

      Not sure if he is the right man to take over from Arry (if that day ever arrives) but a good bloke who deserves so much better than this.

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      • Brilliant guy, real gent and anyone who can work for fat b@stard Ashley deserves a Victoria Cross.
        But, and this is just my opinion. Chris has never been a permanent fixture up here manager wise. He's done well and hanging around mid table at the minute also. Ashley doesn't want to renew his contract, so rather than give him till the rest of the season pans out, which I would have done, he's done it now.
        God knows who fat b@stard's got lined up, I reckon Tommy Cooper's his advisor.
        One thing is for certain---Chris Hughton leaves St James will his head held high and he'll always command the highest of respect up here. A real gent, a player's man. Whether he wants another manager's job remains to be seen, but his CV's been well enhanced in his time here.