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  • Ed,
    you've done it again, you just make me want to write horrible things, not because I actually believe them, but because it makes me howl with laughter at the thought of you being so stressed out and angry!

    Do you have siblings? you kinda feel like an annoying little step brother, who tells mummy every time I fart. The truth is that most people other than genuine nazis can understand the ideas of political correctness, it is wrong to genuinely hate some one for being different, but having a laugh at someone elses expense for somthing they cant help doesn't mean you want to wipe them off the planet!

    Have you travelled Ed, did mummy hold your hand? I have been lucky enough to travel extensively, when in America I was called a limey, when I was in Oz I was a Pomme in Kenya I was called Whitey. In each of these countries I could have thrown my toys about and kicked and screamed, I believe its called an 'Ed' these days, but it genuinely didn't offend me. If it had offended me would have made a mental note not to return, I probably wouldn't have told them how they should be living!

    No body dislikes Sol Campbell because he's black, Spurs fans dislike him because he's a disloyal, back stabber who lied to the fans who loved him. Any insults thrown his way are done so to highlight the hurt he caused and hopefully to hurt him. Bitter maybe but welcome to football.

    Spurs fans often call Wenger a paedo, not because he actually does inappropriate stuff, but because he's the manager of arsenal. Football is full of tasteless banter, as is the world. If you genuinely want to try to change it, go for it, but I think you are starting in the wrong place. Become an MP!