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  • Well said Beni (dorm),

    Poor old Ed is resigned to giving himself a heart attack, the stress and and anger is spewing out of every hate filled scentence he writes.

    You are right ED, I am the evil, bad, nasty person and you are the voice of truth and justice and equality for all mankind!You really are a great guy (now let me just see if I can find a message that would back that up, erm ......how long have you been posting here?) Now I suggest, as I don't wish to offend some one as saintly as you, that you go to church and pray for my soul, please! at least if your in church you won't be nearly killing yourself with stress and anger for the entertainment of little old me.

    I couldn't live with being sexist, racist, bigoted, neo nazi and a murderer. All five would be too much 'ist' and the P.C. brigade would come and get me! ha ha ha ha man this is fun!
    I better dash, my stupid, immigrant, bitch of a wife better make my dinner before she irons my swastika or I'll kill her!