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  • Did anyboidy else notice just how appalling Judas was for Newcastle yesterday? He got caught out so many times I lost count. Air kicks, the lot!! WBA's second and third goals were down to him. He was so slow it was embarrassing. Great to watch though. If ever there was a footballer that deserves to be ridiculed and laughed at it's Judas.

    I hope the fat gay weirdo never puts another football shirt on ever again.

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    • Frankly, I don't believe any of it. I gave you the opportunity to start being honest and if things were that bad for you I would apologise and you carried on being an idiot. Your stories got longer and more detailed but more contradictory.

      As for - only a fool would use their real name and email address - either that or someone that has nothing to hide. You could easily have set up an email address and contacted me on mine without annoying everybody on here but you chose not to. I tried to be reasonable with you and I ignored all of your posts for ages but you had to start it all off again didn't you.

      I spent the last few months leading up to 1st Dec helping a mate to raise over £36,000 for Help for Heroes. If you are lying you should be ashamed of yourself. I wouldn't waste my time stalking you or anybody else but when you say you are in a certain hospital it is easy to check. Didn't work though eh! Cancer or no cancer, you are an idiot. IF its true, and I say a big IF, that does not mean you are not an idiot.

      You purport to have experienced every sort of ism and not give a toss but misread a post of mine and suddenly have the urgent need to come to sombody's rescue over a post on a football message board!!!! Are you serious? Nah......idiot.

      I really, really hope you mean your last comment what ever your name is.

    • "you are in no position to make any criticism of anyone from new york or anywhere else in america"

      Wanna point out the criticism?

      Rather than go on the offensive straight away, would it not have been better to ask first, rather than doing as NYPD have been for years (Shooting first, asking after)

      I was merely pointing out to those who may have questioned the story about cancer contracted whilst serving your country. I put two and two together, and thought there might have been a link with the current argument over compensation for the first responders who are seriously ill from the effects of the fall out of 9/11.

      I was watching Jon Stewart's daily show this evening where he was interviewing four first responders, and compairing the air time given to the ground zero mosque as opposed to their plight. That and the fact that the bill may not be reviewed before Christmas, as the house want to respect the 'holiday'.

      I will withold any throwing of insults, and give you second chance to redeem yourself.

    • for a person who is from a country whose leaders routinely give blow jobs to whoever is in power in washington, who spend most of their waking hours up bush's rear end, or obama's backside, you are in no position to make any criticism of anyone from new york or anywhere else in america. don't you brits know by now that you're our 52nd state and you can't or daren't do a thing without america's say-so. now get on your knees, brits, and do what you're told!

    • god, you guys are real fast and smart - so what are you going to say, what are you going to do when gareth joins carrick or berbatov? incidentally i notice you don't call any of them names, just sol campbell - just a coincidence that sol is black?

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      • The colour of his skin has nothing to do with it Ed. It's the way he left Spurs which grates the most. Campbell was our captain and hero-worshipped by thousands of fans. He stalled on contract talks, said it wasn't about money then promptly walked up the road to our bitterest rivals on a free transfer for shedloads more dosh. That'd stick in the craw of plenty of people I reckon.

        Consider this - the bulk of our first team are "non-white" players - Ledley, Gallas, Jenas, Bassong, Assou-Ekotto, Defoe, The Hudd, Gio Dos Santos, Gomes, Kaboul, Walker, Naughton, Lennon, Wilson and Rose. If we were the racist bunch you seem to think we are surely we'd be taunting all of them.

      • Hahaha, just how desperate do you sound now.

        You can't make it up folks

    • He's just missing the 'class'

    • so what are going to call gareth bale when he goes to manchester united: http://bleacherreport.com/tb/b7Db3 - you'll have to dig deep into your bag or racist and bigoted slurs! ha!

    • I know, but Eddy keeps calling me names saying I'm a nasty man n stuff. He's really intimidating and fwightenning.

      Sols a cunt

    • Why do we keep answering this nob hes not worth the effort.

    • knock off the bigotry and i'll stop.....criticise people without bringing in their race or sexual orientation and i'll stop....until you do i'll pursue you people to the ends of the earth. ok?

    • Do you always want the final word, cuntchops?

      You seem completely obsessed with this subject you big girl. How about dropping it. Jeeez youre a bit sensitive over these yahoo boards.

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