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  • Did anyboidy else notice just how appalling Judas was for Newcastle yesterday? He got caught out so many times I lost count. Air kicks, the lot!! WBA's second and third goals were down to him. He was so slow it was embarrassing. Great to watch though. If ever there was a footballer that deserves to be ridiculed and laughed at it's Judas.

    I hope the fat gay weirdo never puts another football shirt on ever again.

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    • what does the fact that he is, or may not be gay for all i know, got to do with his poor performance - or are you saying that all gays are bad at sports, like all irish are drunks, all blacks are lazy, all mexicans treacherous???? how about all english football fans are racist twerps?

    • roger
      you are an ignorant, stupid, illiterate, bigoted thug, in short a typical english football fan.

    • Yes yes Edward. You seem to know me awfully well... There's the door cuntchops

    • Ed are you gay?

    • Kevin,

      I have been ignoring all of your inane posts on other threads because you are an idiot. I certainly do not remember offering to "talk" to you and definitley do not recall you offering your address so please let me have it again and I will be happy to make use of it.

      By the look of it you and "ed" are well suited and very much in the minority here. Are you gay as well?

    • Yidsters on here are either blind or twisted with hatred?

      This coming from Slayer, who referred to black people as N*gg*rs on another thread and someone who has an Algerian girlffriend as a 'porch monkey'.

      nice Deeprick, nice

    • Forgot to say "Kev" but the other reason I have been ignoring your boring comments on other threads is due to respect for the other more normal contributors to the site. They don't want this board blighted by idiots ranting at each other and as we fell out I did not respond to your pathetic posts.

      Seems you could not do the same though eh! Had to jump in and try and support that other idiot "ed" even though there are lot's of far worse examples on here from many others that could have been jumped on - you and "ed" chose mine. I am flattered.

      Well that worked well didn't it! Now, as I said, let me have your contact details and we will not need to bother the others on here again will we.

    • This is getting more entertaining with each read,

      Ed where can I start with you? your responses read as though you had been appointed high commissioner of all political correctness. You are on a site, where Spurs fans are invited to make comment! do you know any spurs fans or their opinions of Sol? incase you were previously unaware he is despised by most. Now when describing him, people can use what ever language they feel is appropriate! that is their decision and not one which you should look to control.

      Weather Sol is a batty boy or not, the insinuation would insult a lot of people! The comments about Sol are made purely to highlight the contempt felt for him, surely you understand this, even if you dont agree that he loves cock?!

      If all english fans are as bad as you say why not jogg on and watch a european league? you may be suprised by the treatment certain players get there!

      From the previous replys, its clear you and your opinions won't be missed and it sounds like you may be happier and less consumed with control if you did. Remember stress is a killer!

      Caio Cabron

    • so glad you agree, roger and that you recognised yourself so easily.

    • so, how about we start with some anti-semitic jibes at people? would that maybe get one of you nasties to respond as you should to bigotry - of all the people in the world of english football, spurs supporters should be the first to condemn anyone, especially someone who calls themselves a fellow spurs fan, who derides another human being, as happens regularly on this site, for their race, sexual orientation or any other quality. given spurs place as the team favoured by jews in london, and given the disgusting history of anti-semitism in this world, all those of you who have weighed in behind the bigot who attacked sol campbell should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. if i had my way i would ban you not just from this site but from all and every football terrace. you are disgraceful scum.

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