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    Well Done You Spurs!


    Fantastic to see you finish top of your group in the Champions League.

    What an incredible achievement.


    cheers, Derek

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    • That's a really good point lts; often the discussion on here is whether if not to get rid of him, but actually he'll make a great number 2 in that position - like Cudicini he's quite good, but as he doesn't care he'll probably be happy to warm the bench, and yes he needs games to play at the level he's currently at, but he'll get them for reserves.

    • Agree we need a change there to give him a little kick up the jacksy, but as you say his passion is not with the team so he won't give a toss. He'll sit on the bench and get paid and probably not worry at all.
      Hope we find somebody soon to get him out of the No 1 position.

    • Carragher came in for some stick on here recently for doing exactly that lts. I personally don't have a problem with it as it is as much of an "art" or skill as strikers holding off defenders with outstretched arms.

      BAE just does not seem to care very much and that is a terrible thing. Did I not read somewhere that BAE said something along the lines of "why should I get passionate about it - it's only a job". Well if he did he should be swapped for somebody that deos care as quickly as possible. You are not going to teach anybody with that attitude how to block another player for fear of getting hurt.

      Tuesday was not the first time he went awol at a critical time and it won't be the last. The pluses about BAE is he is quick, a good left foot and his distribution is quite good. The negatives are all around his attitude and sometimes his positioning when defending. Trouble is you can't teach a good attitude so get rid if we can find somebody better IMO.

    • Nah, still bloody good. Shame about the number conceded though. Hopefully by the time the next game comes around we'll have a fit and regular back four.
      Maybe without BAE, yeh he can be brilliant but there are more times when he goe awal. Like the second goal for Twente on Tuesday. Just let the player run straight pass him to head the ball. Can't anyone teach him the subtle ways to block an opposition's run. I don't mean a blatant obstruction that any ref would give a free-kick for. Just the little movement so he has to run around you or foul you to get to the ball. It's not rocket science!!!!

    • Yeah, sorry about that - lazy listening on my part. It's a record at the first attempt - somewhat less impressive!

    • Thanks very much!

      I'm a bit disappointed that was the last game of the group, I'd love to have seen what 'Arry said about 1) the penalty, 2) Jenas's booking, which I can only assume was for 'time wasting' as his injury slowed his walking, and 3) the free kick given after no contact which led to their 3rd goal.

      Still, we did what we had to and then some, so I can't imagine Amy of that matters to him too much now. And over our 7 CL James so far 38 goals have been scored (24 for, 14 against), which has got to be some sort of record! Does anyone else think we're missing Ledley and Daws?!

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      • You are right nbr. Arry was obviously so happy he did not feel the need to say what he was really thinking about the Ref, who made some very strange decisions.

        I am obviously biased but a neutral might say that BAE should not have raised his arm and I could not argue too much with that. He could just as easily have ducked out of the way and on that basis maybe it was and maybe it wasn't a penalty.

        Jenas signalled to the bench that he had to come off. Arry was fuming that he started to walk off without giving enough time for the sub to get ready and he indicated to Jenas to slow down, at which point Jenas dropped to the floor half way across the pitch. That is what he got booked for - a kind of ungentlemanly conduct and time wasting.

        Why is it that sub's are never ready to go on? Look at Carragher last week - absolutley furious that the Greek guy was still running down the touchline as he was being helped off. I have lost count of the times that I have seen sub's putting their shinguards in, swapping shirts, taking jewelery off etc etc leaving only 10 players on the park. Ridiculous.

        Yes we are missing Ledley and Daws no doubt but to be fair Gallas and Koboul and Bassong have not done that bad a job in keeping us in with a shout. If anything, we should be cross with our strikers for not taking the chances that would have finished off the games we ended up losing/drawing in the PL.

        Did anyone else notice that Krancjar became a different payer last night after he ws moved into centre MF? He could suddenly control the ball, passed it to feet, got tackles in and was up and down the pitch like a slower Bale. Good for him and it showed he can be good cover for that position when needed but for me he is not cover for Lennon.