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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Dec 8, 2010 08:19 Flag

    Well Done You Spurs!

    Thanks very much!

    I'm a bit disappointed that was the last game of the group, I'd love to have seen what 'Arry said about 1) the penalty, 2) Jenas's booking, which I can only assume was for 'time wasting' as his injury slowed his walking, and 3) the free kick given after no contact which led to their 3rd goal.

    Still, we did what we had to and then some, so I can't imagine Amy of that matters to him too much now. And over our 7 CL James so far 38 goals have been scored (24 for, 14 against), which has got to be some sort of record! Does anyone else think we're missing Ledley and Daws?!

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    • You are right nbr. Arry was obviously so happy he did not feel the need to say what he was really thinking about the Ref, who made some very strange decisions.

      I am obviously biased but a neutral might say that BAE should not have raised his arm and I could not argue too much with that. He could just as easily have ducked out of the way and on that basis maybe it was and maybe it wasn't a penalty.

      Jenas signalled to the bench that he had to come off. Arry was fuming that he started to walk off without giving enough time for the sub to get ready and he indicated to Jenas to slow down, at which point Jenas dropped to the floor half way across the pitch. That is what he got booked for - a kind of ungentlemanly conduct and time wasting.

      Why is it that sub's are never ready to go on? Look at Carragher last week - absolutley furious that the Greek guy was still running down the touchline as he was being helped off. I have lost count of the times that I have seen sub's putting their shinguards in, swapping shirts, taking jewelery off etc etc leaving only 10 players on the park. Ridiculous.

      Yes we are missing Ledley and Daws no doubt but to be fair Gallas and Koboul and Bassong have not done that bad a job in keeping us in with a shout. If anything, we should be cross with our strikers for not taking the chances that would have finished off the games we ended up losing/drawing in the PL.

      Did anyone else notice that Krancjar became a different payer last night after he ws moved into centre MF? He could suddenly control the ball, passed it to feet, got tackles in and was up and down the pitch like a slower Bale. Good for him and it showed he can be good cover for that position when needed but for me he is not cover for Lennon.

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      • What a game,

        A neutrals dream, I however had the usual 60 min queezy feel. I guess its part of watching Spurs, who play wonderful attacking football.

        I thought it was soft pen, as did the neutrals I watched it with, I also had to watch the foul which led to the freekick they scored from, I still can't see a foul. Not that it matters too much.

        Jenas has changed my mind, I was one of the bashers for a while, but I think he is proving to be a good, strong, squad player, well done boy, get fit soon! I'd agree with Sfer, why aren't subs ready, it was brassic in Essex yesterday, Holland must have been freezing, I'd have been running just to stay warm.

        Fair play to Twente, the headed goal was superb football and I had seriously underestimated them after the home game, where the score line didn't really highlight their potential.

        The biggest worry was the Ref, It was obvious he was a spanish ref, they love the whistle and seem very keen to issue cards. If you ever catch La Liga, you'll see the refs are very easily conned (and no 'ed' that doesnt mean I hate the spanish, you moron).

        If I was Harry I probably would have had a moan! although I'm not sure he cared to much, his team had just broken a european record. The most goals scored at group level!

        COYS! fta & 'ed'