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  • longtimespur longtimespur Dec 13, 2010 18:37 Flag

    Kentish and others at the game yesterday.

    I only watched the high-lights on MOTD last night and thought that Chelsea dominated the game. The stats seemed to re-inforce that too.
    Spurs 1 shot on target Chelsea 8
    32% possession to us 62% to them
    Was the game that one-sided.
    Both pundits said it was a cracking match and Lee Dixon even said we played our part in it.
    What the MOTD showed was all Chelsea attacking with an occasional foray from Spurs. If this is the case, is Harry not believing enough that we can beat the other title contenders, even at home. I know we beat the gooners but drew at home to city, (thanks to Hart) lost at Manu with a similar performance to yesterdays'. Yes we beat Liverpool too, but that isn't that difficult this season is it?
    He keeps telling the press "We can beat anyone on our day" but our day isn't often enough. We still seem scared of the bigger teams IMHO.
    AT HOME and we only had 1 shot on target in 90 minutes FFS.

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    • Stats guy must have been a Chelsea supporter, you know how blind they are.

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      • Having greater possession, more passes etc is all well and good but if it is in your own half so what? We are a counter attacking team and therefore we are designed to sit back and break quickly in numbers. The difference, and what makes teams like Barca so good, is that they have huge possession even in the oppositions half.

        Our style of football is never going to mean we have the ball for long periods of time (unless we are playing real dummies) but it will mean you win a fair share of games.

        If I am being honest, I think Fab is right and Chelski probably were the most likely team to win it but that doesn't have much to do with stats. If we had had King and Dawson playing like we know they can we would have been able to soak up that pressure much better than we did and therefore have been able to retain possession better.

    • Morning LTS. The game was definitely NOT as one-sided as the stats suggest, but since we all know that MOTD are biased towards the "big 4" it's not surprising I guess. The goal aside we had more than 1 shot on target despite what the stats say, and Modric and Defoe both came close - which was all the more frustrating as Cech wouldn't have got to them had they gone the right side of the post.

      I don't think we were scared of them - maybe we showed them a little too much respect in the latter stages but from the moment the game kicked off we went at them and dominated the first half. We could have gone in at the break at least 2 up if not 3 but while the chances were there the ball had a mind of its own.

      I thought Anelka and Terry were pretty anonymous in the first half, despite Chelsea exploiting the space on the left and putting in some crosses. Bale wasn't at his best, but still produced some stunning moves, neither was Lennon (whose crossing was pretty poor), and I agree with SB about subbing Defoe as we definitely lost our impetus and threat after that. Even though Pavy got the goal he should have gone off as he missed a number of chances.

      Drogba coming on in the 2nd half definitely galvanised them but we were yet again playing 12 men as the Mike Dean and his linesmen seemed determined to try and get them back into the game. He missed so many blatant fouls on our boys while punishing us it was unreal, though not entirely unexpected. Bale seemed to be particularly targeted by Ramires. I know there are those who say Pav goes down easily but he had a nailed on free kick just outside the box in the second half which was completely ignored, same for Crouch when he came on. Essien in particular was lucky to have still been on the pitch at the end of the game and for there to be only 2 cards for Chelsea was therefore not that surprising.

      Positives - Dawson's return. Watching him play you'd never have guessed he'd been out for 2 months,the goal aside he seemed to always be there to clear the crosses and deal with forays into the box. For me he just shaded Modric (who was excellent) for man of the match - and yes I know I'm biased where Daws is concerned! Wilson had a much better game despite being hacked down too frequently; BAE also had his 'good' hat on and Bassong was looking pretty useful too. It was true end-to-end stuff and certainly not a dull game.

      Negatives - Chelsea were there for the taking but our lack of killer instinct in the box, especially after Defoe went off was plain to see; passing wasn't particularly good; Gomes is still a worry despite the penalty save; and we're clearly missing vdV and The Hudd in the midfield though I hate it when we're so reliant on one or two key players.

      At the start of the game I'd have said Chelsea would have settled for going home with a point, but by the end I felt we were lucky to have held on for one ourselves. It was a golden opportunity to really stir things up at the top but I'm viewing it as 2 points lost rather than 1 point gained.

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      • Chelsea were not as dominant as may have been suggested and both teams played a wonderful game which i enjoyed very much as a 'neutral'. I think it only fair to say that at the end only one team could have won it and i am afraid that was Chelsea though IMO.

        Spurs lack something up-front IMO. Adebayor would of /could of made the difference if a Spurs signing. Thing is he is one lazy bstard when it suits him (which is most of the time), he is also slightly crazy in the cocinut too.

        Chelsea are a great side with everyone fit. Thing that lets them down is they now have absolutely no strength in depth to their squad, as has been proven in recent weeks.

        My BELOVED Arsenal have surely proven (win or lose tonight) that they are best able to cope with injuries.

        I can hear you lot CHEERING for Arsenal tonight already you closet Gooners you!

        (Especially 'KM' who clearly has a bit of a 'thing' for me).