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  • Robert Robert Dec 15, 2010 17:12 Flag

    Kentish and others at the game yesterday.

    Stats guy must have been a Chelsea supporter, you know how blind they are.

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    • Having greater possession, more passes etc is all well and good but if it is in your own half so what? We are a counter attacking team and therefore we are designed to sit back and break quickly in numbers. The difference, and what makes teams like Barca so good, is that they have huge possession even in the oppositions half.

      Our style of football is never going to mean we have the ball for long periods of time (unless we are playing real dummies) but it will mean you win a fair share of games.

      If I am being honest, I think Fab is right and Chelski probably were the most likely team to win it but that doesn't have much to do with stats. If we had had King and Dawson playing like we know they can we would have been able to soak up that pressure much better than we did and therefore have been able to retain possession better.