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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Dec 25, 2010 17:47 Flag

    tickets to the arsenal game.

    i know its xmas and its time to be spent with the family , but i wanted to share my xmas gift with u all. ( not u ed)

    i have just got tickets to the arsenal game at the lane. this will be my first time there not my first spurs game but first at thelane. and what a game to go too. so im now off to enjoy my day knowing im going to our biggest game of any season. really cant wait.

    happy xmas fellow spurs fans from a very excited 29 year old who feels he is about 5.

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    • what's that? this is 2011 and you, who lecture people like me, are now admitting that the arsenal game will be your first time ever at white hart lane! what a cheek you have. i started watching spurs at the lane as a schoolboy in the early 60's. i watched jimmy greaves' furst game for spurs, saw him score the most wonderful goal ever in a 52 thrashing of man united. i watched george best's third or fourth game ever playing against spurs and here is some johnny-come-lately creep who lives in benidorm is telling me, me?, to shut up!! why don't you go for a long, long swim in the med and play with some sharks or jellyfish! first time at the lane, huh!

    • Nice Christmas present Beni - somebody loves you.

      Hoping to get my ticket for that game too as a result of the ticket cock-up for the CL game v Inter. They've promised priority for one game during the rest of the season those of us who bought the phantom tickets and I put the Goons game as my first choice.

    • Defo a new date for this game Beni now the Goons are through to the final.

      Hopefully it won't be too far into the future but my guess is it'll be a midweek slot whenever there's a long enough gap for both teams between games.

    • AS long as you're not in hospitality the atmosphere will give you the goose-bumps where ever you sit! Be settled and in place at least 20 mins before KO, you'll feel the atmosphere swell!! Enjoy!

    • will tellu all about nbr lol
      i cant tell u all how excited i am. im 29 going on 6 its great. looking forward to soaking up all the atmosphere around the ground etc. and of course it would be great to get a win.

    • Beni,

      Where ever you sit, you will buzz your tits off!

      I tend to sit in the south upper.

      The view can sometimes be better in other seats, but the singing/banter/atmosphere is amazing.

      Listen out for the south and east stands singing at each other, it makes me well with pride and a sense of belonging!

      Good on you Beni, enjoy every second

    • Beni - as not_blonde says, taking the walk up the High Road (even if it's pi$$ing with rain) is particularly worth doing because nothing can beat seeing the stadium for the first time in the flesh so to speak.

      And HighRoad's suggestion of getting in early is a good one not least because there's often a last minute dash to get through the turnstiles.

      Have to say the atmosphere inside the ground is particularly special when the Goons come to WHL so make sure you have your singing voice in tune - altogether now

      "Oh when the Spurs, go marching in,
      Oh when the Spurs go marching in,
      I wanna be in that number,
      Oh when the Spurs go marching in"

    • True, SB, but it wouldn't have hurt Fabregas to give them their 5 minutes in the sun....stuck-up gooner snobbery at it's lowest!

    • would love it if paul jewell got a result at he goons, means i dont have to switch my time off work fo rthe big day. dont know where in the ground my tickets are yet but dont care.

      whats the best stand to be in or doesnt it matter, does the hair stand up on ur body when the slow "when the spurs go marching in" kicks off , like it does on the telly??? cant wait to find out.

    • Bah, I should've got one in the hope of a rescheduling >:(

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