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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 29, 2010 01:06 Flag

    Another 10-man win - 2-0 v Toon

    Well, we didn't play an hour with 10 men this time, but it was at the business end of the match...and we scored our second with 10. I'm thinking we're the new "Backs-Against-The-Wall Mob"...we either coming back from behind or playing "light" and winning.

    Kaboul was a bit of anughty boy by the sounds of it (retaliation with the head is always going to bring you trouble...heard it was a love tap though...should've just nutted him for his trouble!)

    Another 3 points and don't look now, but we got a clean sheet!!

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    • great win tonight , there was a scary stat about no draws for 30 years with us and the geordies, and our recent record is poor . so i was glad to win .modric is showing why we paid so much money for him and how important he is to us and the rest of the midfield were first class, even jenas .

      think tonight showed that carrol imho isnt the player we need. yes he fights , causes problems and is firey as hell . but not better then we have already.

      2 great wins with 10 men and we are showing that we are not far off winning the league whether its this year or next.