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  • bloody hells bells, is Harry suffering from lack of original thought or does he keep looking in the back pages of his WHUFC diary..............come on.........................

    bit like us going in for Owen.........hang on theres a thought



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    • Love the idea of Becks at the lane.

      Properly puts Spurs on the map.

      Adds a whole new attacking option.

      Can fill the Huddlestone shaped whole in Midfield spraying the ball about while Hudds is recovering ;o)

      Someone who can actualy score from free kicks!!!

    • I've not seen any figure reported anywhere (and I've had a quick look), and I really don't think that it's a major deciding factor - we've all agreed recently that Levy's dealing with his side of proceedings nicely, so let's leave that to him.

      You might find this interesting though: m.guardian.co.uk/ms/p/gnm/op/s-JdV-51Zdh7R-DQO91AOkg/view.m?id=15&gid=football/blog/2010/dec/31/should-tottenham-hotspur-sign-david-beckham&cat=football. I don't see "it didn't work for someone else" as a proper reason to not do anything, but who am I to judge?

    • glad a couple of people agree with me.

      iv heard some people say we will make the money back in revenue. if thats the case & we dont drop lennon for him then im fine with it.

      but if it does end up costing a fortune & we start messing with the team to accomodate him then il be very annoyed!

      35yr old beckham is unlikely to be able to cope with the premiership.

      as a few others have said, why dont we throw 120k at some other ex legends like ronaldo or zidane.

      im sure they will sell levy a few extra shirts in usa.

      pires is a good example, far too old & off the pace of the premiership. waste of wages.

      its hard to tell potential big new signings sorry, we have a strict wage structure when we break it by at least 50k a wk for beckham.

      majority of footballers are money driven so levy is playing a dangerous game.

      the reported 120k sounds about right & is being kind to us as beckham has kindly halfed his normal wage which is 250k a wk at la galaxy.

      i laughed when i heard harry on MOTD saying he hardly needs the money & he is coming to play football.

      so if thats the case why are we paying him such a huge wage!

      from a supporters point of view id be pissed if i spend all that money going to watch spurs play & then they throw 120k at a has been to sit on the bench.

      i cant complain as i only get to about 5 games a season.

    • Beckham is an exception in this case. This wont blow the wage structure at Spurs wide open, all the players will understand and respect the move for what it is. Come on guys it's Beckham for christ sake!!!

    • Hold on, where's that figure come from? Sounds like speculation/estimates based in his current earnings, I certainly wouldn't expect us to be paying the lion's share of his wages, and I suspect he wants the practice badly enough to go with less - not least cos of Redknapp's "he doesn't need the money" comments.

      I see it as more of a coaching role, but in the more hands on aspects - ordinarily you'd look to your older players for that, but the likes of King, Woodgate and Keane are hardly any use for that lately! In my eyes the playing is a bonus on that, and to keep him sweet. Another assumption, but makes more sense to me.

    • im with you on this one SB................the economic situation in the game doesnt warrant moves like this, unless................theres more to it than meets the eye.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
      isnt ronaldhino (sic) up for 8 mill euros atm........still got some legs left in him, why not have em both and send shirt sales sky high all over the americas.....................................................................



    • I understand your concerns babe but Im still convinced Becks at the Lane would be hugely beneficial to our status in the transfer market and would give us that extra spark we'll need going into the Champions league final rounds. I bet all the lads at Spurs would love to see him here. Apart from maybe Bentley Lol

    • commercial value. as u said hes only here for a couple of months so id be suprised if millions of ppl start buying spurs shirts with beckhams name on the back.

      he will still cost us a few million which we could have put towards signing someone better & who isnt a few yrs away from being 40.

      beckham wont be able to handle the premiership. dont forget he has been playing in a joke american league.

      im happy enough with VdV set pieces.

      im not saying the wage bill is a deal to spurs BUT we have to start being more careful with our money if we do want a new stadium etc.

      so that means we could have keane, bentley & beckham sat on the bench every wk at a cost of 250k which is a million a month!

      no offence but those 3 arent worth a million a mth.

      hoepfully keane & bentley will have been sold by then thou!

    • Signing Becks on loan would be awesome. He'd only heighten the focus and desire at the club right now and give us the impetus we need going into the latter stages of the Champions League. The fact that we'll be playing AC Milan will make it all the more sweeter. COYS

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      • I'm all for it. Redknapp knows what he is doing.

        I do not believe Beckham is coming in with the expectation of a start. More likely to train and be a fringe player, with the odd league game.

        I think his presence will do us wonders. Can provide sound advice to Harry (eg about Milan), provide back up, lift those around him. OK, he may be 35, but you cant take away the superstar status.

        Even though England done crap at W.C whilst he was on bench (as a coach?), you can see he has the passion and wants to win, a presence that we require.

    • I'm coming round to the idea. I think we need some one or thing in during the window, and someone with Beckham's professionalism will work wonders to instil a bit more grit - we've started to build the winning mentality, so it's a great time for him to come and reaffirm it. He'll also be a useful person for many of them - not just the midfielders - to train with in terms of the skills and techniques (and again professionalism) they can pick up/observe/get tips on, and finally will be a great role model (for want of a better word) for the many players we have in the fringe of the England set up.

      I think it could be really mutually beneficial, and I do think there's space for a cameo from him in the squad (note squad, not necessarily team), my main concern is how it would work with the squad numbers etc - would he be named in our PL squad of 25? What about the CL? Cos it seems a waste to name someone who'll only be there for a couple of months, but I can't imagine he'd just be around for the FA cup...

      On a side note, that's 2 consecutive clean sheets - go us!

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      • First of all - Happy New year to all of the posters on the board - I have high hopes for the New Year and what we can accomplish.
        Second - I agree with NBR re: Beckham. I also think that he is perhaps worth inclusion in the CL squad. We know that many of the games - especially away - may end up with penalties, or may swing on a set play - and while there's no doubt Becks is slow (he was never that quick), he is still one of the best strikers of the dead ball - and it would free VdV up to be in the box where he is just as dangerous as he is when he is striking the set pieces.
        And I'd still like to see a top striker and a LB!
        Hope the upcoming year is good for all of ya!