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  • Joe Joe Jan 11, 2011 00:52 Flag

    Bentley to Brum

    Sadly its a loan deal!

    No Fee at all. He's not terrible! he's just very, ver normal and he thinks he's mustard. Deluded fool! Lets hope him leaving will mean Niko stays.

    I hope we tear Manure a new one this weekend!

    • I fear Niko will be out as he wants regular football which we can't offer him. He's not as good as Modric and is just a bit too slow to play as left winger if Bale's out, so I could see him leaving this window if someone comes in for him.

      Would be a shame, I really like Niko and think that he was great for us while Luka was out last year. A classy player with a good deal of professionalism.