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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 16, 2011 06:23 Flag

    here come utd

    Sorry to be pessimistic, but I'm predicting 1 or 2 (VdV with Bale assist, and poss 1 for Bale himself) - 3 (Nani and a Berb brace). We don't do it against them when we're at our best, and I think - despite somehow scraping results - we've been far from that recently (probably since the Liverpool game).

    I predict a fairly early Berb goal, with an equalizer just before half time; if we get a second it'll be after 50-55 mins, and 2 from them (Berb with the winner) in the last 15mins. I think Lennon will be pretty effectively marked out of the game - no idea why, but I'm pretty convinced of all these points!