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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Jan 13, 2011 03:10 Flag

    David Bentley

    Good luck to him. He could do well with a club like Brum, as he did at Blackburn, where he was a bigger fish in a smaller pond! Preening narcissist he may be, but given a run in a side, I know there's a player of some quality in there somewhere! Let Birmingham get some use and return him to us as a better and more enlightened person!

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    • Good luck to the man. I thought he started off on the wrong foot, but when Lennon was out for a protracted period and he got games, he started to do ok. I'd rather have him than Beckham - but I'm not into 'celebrity'.

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      • I've made my thoughts on him pretty clear - remember when he first joined and we were in our terrible run of form? He was the one player who seemed to be performing and putting any effort in for a fair few months. It's just not worked out for him with us, and I don't see that changing. I'm surprised he's not thought about going abroad, I could imagine him doing well on the continent (not sure where though...).

        All the best to him for the rest of the season and beyond, but please don't hit form against us!

    • Yep, got to agree with you HighRoad. Good luck to him.

      I'm leaning toward the "he won't come back to us" scenario though - if he plays regularly and recovers his form then Brum may well put in a bid for him, though he'd probably have to lower his wage demands. It'll be a toss up between wanting to play or wanting the money.

      The added bonus of him going on loan is that even if he does start scoring goals again he can't do any damage against us later in the season - though I'd be happy for him to bang in goals against any other team though ;-)

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      • Kind of feel sorry for him and i have been one of his biggest critics, i remember the day he signed for Spurs outside the lodge he had the biggest grin on his face, i believe it was really where he wanted to be at that time, also when we played Man City to stake our claim last year for the champions league 4th spot he was so happy to progress wetting Harry with the bucket of water during the interview.
        The fact is he was not part of the team often this year and with the way we play he was not going to be, i really wish the lad well and hope he picks up the form he showed at Blackburn, i have always said you do not become a bad player over night and for him to play for the Gunners and Blackburn he cannot be.
        So good luck David and i hope you score many a goal against our fiercest rivals.