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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Jan 18, 2011 05:23 Flag

    bent off to villa

    I'm struggling to understand the logic behind Bent wanting to leave Sunderland - currently 6th in the table with a good shot at UEFA Cup footie next season - for Villa, who are languishing near the bottom of the table. It's not as if he's benchwarming after all, and he's scored a few goals so far this season. And for a minumum bid of £18m?

    Has he had a falling-out with Bruce d'you think?

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    • Must admit I was trying to work this one out myself driving home Kentish.

      Currently at a team where he's regarded as a first pick, a team on the way up and chance of European football. Going to a team where he will almost certainly still be a first pick but may not get on so well with their style of football, a team looking to be on the slide and even possibly heading for the Championship.

      Got to be more to it - something behind the scenes with the management (like you said), doesn't like it up north anymore or maybe just wanting to add to the bank balance with one more signing on fee?

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      • i think with wellbeck and gyan doing so well he might be feeling like a slip down the peckin gorder is on its way. or at least he isnt the centre of attention . maybe this is a way of being in the spotlight . is he worried capello is noticing him again and a big money move will get him into the england team??? something not right or maybe greed is kickin in again with the current batch of footie stars.

    • Mel, the logic is money talked Bent walked,simple as that no matter what he has said about Villa he has now increased his wages from the £60,000 a week here to £80,000 at Villa fact.Bents head was turned last summer when Fenerbache made a big bid for him with wages to match,Bruce was faced with the prospect of losing both his strikers as Jones was just about to finalise his move to Stoke.The board then upped his wages to keep him here but as we saw once again on Sunday he wanted to be away.No one here is sad at this, maybe what he has said yes,but to get this money for him, as all you Spurs know as well as us is brilliant,he needs half a dozen openings to convert one and often misses sitters with scuffed shots, i only hope this money and the rest available is spent wisely and NO we don't want Crouch or Pav.