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  • Sfer Sfer Jan 24, 2011 20:33 Flag

    Squad weaknesses

    So we have 10 defenders, not including those out on loan, but that does include King, Woodgate and Bongani who is obviously untried. We keep on about needing more cover but surely thats enough. ok we should have better cover for the LB position but numerically we should be able to cope.

    There are 11 midfielders but Kranjcar looks like he will be going and O'Hara is not looking like a long term option. But even with those out is 9 enough? I can't see how you can keep more than that number happy sitting on the bench or not even in the squad.

    It is up front we have an issue. 5 strikers and if we accept that Crouch and Defoe are first choice then we are left with Pavlychenko (who Arry has embarrassed over the weekend with his comments about his "injury"), Keane, who everybody accepts is on his way as soon as somebody agrees a price (he would already have gone if he was not sticking out for so much salary) and Dos Santos and we all know what Arry thinks of him. So 2 strikers and one of them is a one dimensional bean pole and the other is not hitting form at the moment.

    So, the questions are - why did we need another MF when we need a striker so much more and why are we not doing more to get a striker in ASAP?

    I like Pienaar but come on - its not rocket science is it?

    C'mon Arry - you know what it feels like to be mugged now so put us out of our misery and sign a "top class" striker now.

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    • id love the problem to be out of form strikers BUT to be fair to them its not like we are creating loads of chances.

      apart from the 1st game of the season against city, we havent really torn teams apart & created hatful of chances in the premiership.

      the current system & balance seems not quite right.

      look at the last few games- newcastle, fulham, everton, utd & newcastle. we hardly created anything in any of those games.

      even if harry isnt sure of the best balance 7 system, swapping keane for a better striker can only be a good things.

      getting another LB to compete with ekotto can only be a good thing.

      so get a LB & a new striker & we will be able to push on more.

      we are now 5th & sunderland are only a few pts off us.

      it looks like it will be between us & chelsea for 4th so we need to improve or we will fall away.

      id also like a top quality CB but LB & ST is more urgent.

    • No decent left back cover. Dropping Bale back just leaves us with no left mid attack.

      No Centreback cover. Daws and Galas are good (Cant cound woody or king as they dont play) Basong, Kabul etc are not good enough really.

      Other than that we are good to go.

      Come on Harry buy a world class centerback and good left back cover!

    • Sfer,
      OK, I know I sound like a broken record. BUT is the problem the strikers?
      We have an excellent midfield (I exclude VdV, as I see that role as a striker) - BUT look at the assists this season. Wouldn't you expect people like Hudd (well you wouldn't, but others might), Modric, Lennon and Bale to appear on the assists list? But they don't. So you could argue that because the strikers aren't scoring, so the assists don't register, but from what I've seen over the weeks, we're not opening teams up to create the chances for the strikers to score. We have lots of possession and play some blinding football at times.
      What's telling is that VdV appears on both the top scorers and assists (alongside Crouch) list. So maybe the role of VdV is the issue? BUT if that's the case it doesn't explain the end of last season and the pseudo drought then as well. That's why I'm stuffed at putting my finger on what is wrong. Two seasons back we seemed to be scoring for fun.

    • ive mentioned this before sfer that i feel arry will be feilding 4-5-1 more often to make sure he can play VDV in that support the striker role. i think he see's having better and more midfielders in as the way he wants to play. with hudds injured, wilson not being able to pass and niko not being fancied he needs more cover in that position. if we field 4-5-1 then 4 or 5 strikers is too much. and that just ends up in more moaning from the benched players and people upsetting the team.

      so i really feel that arry is setting on his formation of 1 upfront and cant see a lot of strikers coming in. shame as it does need sorting and keane and pav could be changed with suarez and benzema.