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  • Nick Nick Jan 25, 2011 00:30 Flag

    Squad weaknesses

    No decent left back cover. Dropping Bale back just leaves us with no left mid attack.

    No Centreback cover. Daws and Galas are good (Cant cound woody or king as they dont play) Basong, Kabul etc are not good enough really.

    Other than that we are good to go.

    Come on Harry buy a world class centerback and good left back cover!

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    • But doesn't that also imply that we're short at LM? Suppose Ekotto hadn't been injured, but Bale was injured 10 mins in - who would you then play LM?

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      • John - Kranjcar is more than capable and was our first choice LM until 'Arry decided to give Bale a go (not that I'm deriding that decision of course!). Modric can also play LM but he's far better suited to the central midfield role where he can dictate play.

        I also read that Pienaar can play anywhere in the midfield, not that the evidence on Saturday showed IMO.

      • See your point re VDV John but he is either a striker or a MF and that is part of the problem that was discussed before he even arrived. Where do you play him? Obviously he should play but is it distracting the others?

        If he plays as a striker then that opens up a place for another MF and I would not mind seeing how that went.

        Crouch does just not offer enough options for me. He is not as good in the air as his height suggests he should be, he is not as good on the deck as some people think he is and he is not quick enough to get passed defenders. Defoe, and I do rate him, is not big enough to leave on his own up front.

        6 goals from our strikers in the Pl so far is just not good enough. We cab fanny around with the MF all we like but unless you are going to unearth a Lampard who might get you 20 from MF, we need another striker. A Torres or a Van Persie or a Drogba or even a Davies - someone that will get goals and play others in. Until we solve that problem I cannot see us scoring enough goals to keep us in the CL consistently.

      • Nope, we are anything but short of midfielders. Modric (1st choise), Kranjcar, Pienaar all slot in left midfield fine.