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  • Joe Joe Jan 26, 2011 01:41 Flag

    Striker problem

    John if you ever answer that question in the last paragraph, phone the F.A. and tell them you need to be fast tracked! Then remember you're Spurs!

    We have some of the most exciting player in the EPL imo, sadly we have some of the most boring strikers, the problem could be, they are all fairly predictable, sadly I think they may have been found out. Defoe (when on form) seems to be the only one with any dynamism, but maybe I'm biased?

    I hope I'm wrong, beacuse wanting to completely replace your strike force when your club is only just outside the top 4 feels very negative, but I would do it tommorrow!


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    • Joe,
      I would agree that the finger points at our strikers, as when VdV came in, he suddenly banged in a half dozen. But looking at it from a coaching point-of-view, if you're not providing, you won't score. How many chances did daffy have last game - 3? How many chances did you see created by our midfield? But where is that problem - in the fact that the strikers aren't making the runs and are taking up poor positions, or that our midfield just isn't making those killer passes? I repeat, I think it's two fold. One - when Crouch came back, we started playing more of a long ball - and Crouch can't hold that up. Now, with Bale and Lennon on form, we seem to play one striker up and one-behind, so we don't always have the targets in the box to hit.

      Daffy was meant to come back and be the saviour - even 'arry expected him to start knocking in the goals. BUT - and I'll keep repeating this until it sinks in ;-), Daffy scores loads when he has loads of chances. He's like a shotgun, one of the pellets will hit the target - so if he isn't given loads of chances, the likelihood of him scoring drops alarmingly.

      (PS - to the sound of groans - this is also why I think it was so 'wrong' to judge Keane - he came back when all this started. He was then subbed virtually all the time. If you look at how all the strikers performed, with the same pitch time, over the same period - he was no worse than Crouch. But hey-ho, he's going anyway.)