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  • Layla Layla Jan 26, 2011 01:49 Flag

    Striker problem

    i cant quite put my finger on it either john.

    the utd game is a good example.

    i felt we pretty much dominated the game & it was 2pts dropped.

    BUT when i watched the highlightes we never tested VDS, in fact rooney tested gomes more than our whole team.

    i think we need 4 strikers to compete through out a season.

    which is why im pretty keen on crouch to stay as 1 of those 4 strikers as he can add something about diff & help create a goal.

    i would want crouch to be 3rd choice in the pecking order.

    unless we get someone else with height like carroll then we should keep crouch.

    he is a good team player afterall.

    but your right, u dont want him as 1 of your main strikers.

    as u know im a defoe fan as he gives the defenders more work & at least he is making runs & getting in the box. his all round play as improved too.

    he still hasnt had a run of 5 or 6 consecutive games yet so give him time.

    keane just isnt up to it anymore.

    & pav isnt bad but again i dont think he will ever be a consistant player even if he was made 1st choice striker all season.

    the odd moment of goodness followed by being lightweight & non exsistant on the pitch.

    at least crouch & defoe add something if they arent scoring.

    pav adds nothing im afraid.

    i think suarez would be the man for us. 23 & wants to come to the premiership.

    also sell pav if we get any bids over 10m.

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    • ...aaaaaarrrgh....

      You say...
      '....he still hasnt had a run of 5 or 6 consecutive games yet so give him time.

      keane just isnt up to it anymore.

      But you're judging Keane on less starts, less full games, more substitutions than daffy - why is it now ok to say '...give Daffy time...' simply because he's not scoring but to ignore my same argument for Keane? (Even more so for Keane - compare how many starts Keane was given and how many times he was given more than 20 minutes to come on, get the feel of the game and make an impact).
      I've been saying for ages the problem started mid-way through last season.

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      • Alright, we've done the Keane v Daffy thing to death, so I'm not adding to it here. There is one thing I will say...we're aligned differently this season than season's past. VDV playing as a withdrawn striker, and being succuseful at it, has had Harry throw out the standard little and large pairings that have seen our "proper strikers" score a lot more goals than they have been this season. So we don't see pavy & Keane on the pitch together or, rarely Crouch and Defoe. What we have is a converted midfielder playing as a striker (remember when Modric played behind the strikers, he was a set up man, not a goal scorer.
        The other missing link has been the injury to probably our best passer of the ball THudd (yes slow and clumsy, but he's got eyes in his feet and a bit of gunpowder there too!).

        Our top scoring striker is Pavy and he usually does it coming off the bench, so why not continue to force him to prove himself game in and game out...bring him off the bench in the final 20 minutes because he's the one that seems to have proven that he can deliver when deployed that way. Defoe as was said needs a hatful of chances (and he used to get them) before he finds his scoring rhythm...then he'll knock in half-chances that none of the others can. Keane I fear is probably still in the doghouse (from the last season) and is not motivated to do well even when he gets a run out (of what ever length of time), so giving him a chance will only happen when he's let out of the dog house or trots out in different colours.

        So, it may not be that we need new strikers or a new striker, just a bit more imagination using the ones we have. (But I'd have that Carroll lad for the right price or as I said before Ranger, although at the moment he looks like he might need a hatful of chances to score one...he could have so easily have had toon take all three points near the end of the game this past weekend. Suarez...seems a decent player, but how will he do in the Prem? Are we the ones to take the chance on him (at 25mil?). I don't think so!

      • John, as I recall it Keano came back as Captain and had a good run in the team, without impressing me, most other fans or, more importantly, Harry.

        He was then rested and had some opportunities as sub, again without impressing.

        It was very much the same at Liverpool. He went to Celtic and did reasonably well against poorer opposition but has not performed at the top level for 2 or 3 seasons.

        Enough is Enough.