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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jan 26, 2011 09:19 Flag

    Striker problem

    joe this is the thing that is great at the moment, if bale was not firing into right backs the way he is and vdv wasnt showing his class, and modders and lennon were spooning the ball left ,right and centre then the strikers form wouldnt look so bad. but the fact that our midfield is one of the best in europe imho it shows up the weakness of the strikers.

    i do agree it is time to upgrade our strike force, but its like all our team the better we do, the better the players we will need to keep us there. we all agreed jenas wasnt good enough to get us to 4th and so we brought in modric and wilson , niko etc and now sadly its the same for the strikers. now are midfield is set and doing really well the strikers need upgrading. its only way to keep progressing if we stick with these 4 strikers then i feel we wont move further and will have to watch our backs inthe league. it will only take another signing like berba was at first and we will start firing again. suarez is the man for me to give our team a boost.

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