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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jan 27, 2011 20:02 Flag

    Striker problem

    i think its not fair to say our strikers arent good enough. pav , defoe and crouch are top strikers, maybe not world class but top in any case. keane is all about his confidence and form and right now he has none of both. yes we can improve and buy better but to say they arent good enough is a little harsh. i think we need to sign a new guy some one who will improvew the squad to replace keane but i do think not having a orthodox 2 upfront has effected the players we have style. crouch has set up vdv a dozen times and takes defenders withhim to give bale space so i think he has done his fair share for us and it would have been nice if he had a few more goals but hes doen the job asked. defoe and pav yes not playing well and i agree need to do better , but to say they arent good enough i think is too much.