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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Jan 31, 2011 03:46 Flag

    WTF was that???

    I haven't seen such gutless display for years from our boys. Where was the fight? We stood back and watched them! We lost a key defender and skipper early on and didn't seem to want to know after that. We just gave up! With the exception of BAE just about every player had their worst game of the season. The sending-off was harsh, and was probably key, because Bassong looks unfit and flat-footed! Harry's out trying to sign up every midfielder in the league and our defence is a shambles, and we have no goal scoring strikers worthy of the name at the moment. Daffy touched the ball about twice before he came off, and Crouchie can't head. So what are we going to do, fellow yids? Credit to Fulham - they outplayed us all over park. Would the outcome have been much different if Daws had stayed on? Hope this was just an off-day and our boys can pick themselves up for Blackburn on Wednesday. But the harsh fact is we haven't been good for a while now. I hope Harry can pull off something before the deadline, but I fear time is running out. We missed Bale today, and Hudd would have been nice, but I'm clutching at straws here for excuses!

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    • We were poor before the penalties and sending off so cant blame it on them.

      Horrid display for the boys. Lets just hope its the worst game of the season and will move on from it.

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      • We have played that bad several times this season but it only lasted 45 mins. And we came out fighting. Yesterday the fight was not there.
        I could see this coming in all honesty. We havent played well for a while but having said that we have still havent lost many games.

        I think we needed this to give us a kick up the backside. I predicted we would lose. Fulham are such a hard team to break down even with 11 men and a better performance.

        I also think that the FA cup is not high on the players priorities. No excuse I know but if thats how they feel theres nothing we can do. Hopefully we can concentrate on the league and chamipons league.

        We have come on a long way recently so its hard when we play so bad. But I also think Harry gets certain games wrong tactically. You cant play so many small attacking players all the time and expect to win. Especially against such an organised and hard working Fulham side.

    • that to me looked dodgy like they were not bothered by the FA CUP

    • dawson already made 2 big mistakes in the opening moments so whether he stayed on or not he was a liability.

      yes bassong was poor but is was dawson who made the bigger mistakes so lets not be scared to blame the favourites.

      u an hardly blame defoe, we had 10 men & were defending for the majority of the game. it was backs against the wall.

      we didnt look anymore likely to score when he came off.

      what about VdV & modric? they were both very poor too.

      i think u are being kind too ekotto, he made a big mistake in the 3rd goal by not defending the corner. he went to sleep & let johnson flick it on.

      we have big problems now what with dawson suspended, kaboul out for 6 wks & again we are left with injury prone gallas & bassong.

      we had all summer to get some new defenders in & another goal scorer, as well as get rid of keane,bentley etc BUT harry thought the current team was good enough to win the title!

      we are being made to pay for harry over rating our current players.

      i hope he finally sees we need some better quality players in vital areas.

      but i wont hold my breath.

      im sure he will say getting bentley & keane back in the summer will be like 2 new signings & we should win the league easily.

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      • SB,
        You do make me smile.....

        '.....so lets not be scared to blame the favourites......

        u an hardly blame defoe, we had 10 men & were defending for the majority of the game. it was backs against the wall.'

      • Agree with most of that, SB. Especially on vdV and Modders, who it must be said are usually creative and workmanlike, (Modric more so). That's probably why it was so dissapointing. Daws hasn't regained his pre-injury fitness and form yet, but I still think we need to persevere because our options are very limited. I wasn't actually blaming Daffy as much as our "sparkling" midfield's failure to get him involved. I'm not sure if this 4-5-1 is working. I think Harry might be tinkering a bit too much after the winning formula we found last season. I mean, who have slaughtered this season? Last season we took a few teams to the cleaners, but look at our GD this season! We need to hand out a couple of thrashings to get our confidence and belief back! As for Benoit, I'm not usually a big fan, and though he didn't defend that corner well, he was still our best player today. (No great accolade there, though!)

      • WTF indeed!

        The last time I saw a spurs team play that badly, we were in the relegation zone. There was nothing good or constructive to be seen or to take from a game like that. Embarrassing right across the team.

        I agree we have been playing poorly for at least a month or so and poor form could come at a worse time. Cehlski are starting to find form. If we continue playing like this 4th will be gone. Our next game is huge!

        I have to agree with SB, we need freshening up, sadly I fear its too late in this window.

        There are no excuses! its that simple!