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  • Nick Nick Jan 31, 2011 18:39 Flag

    WTF was that???

    We were poor before the penalties and sending off so cant blame it on them.

    Horrid display for the boys. Lets just hope its the worst game of the season and will move on from it.

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    • We have played that bad several times this season but it only lasted 45 mins. And we came out fighting. Yesterday the fight was not there.
      I could see this coming in all honesty. We havent played well for a while but having said that we have still havent lost many games.

      I think we needed this to give us a kick up the backside. I predicted we would lose. Fulham are such a hard team to break down even with 11 men and a better performance.

      I also think that the FA cup is not high on the players priorities. No excuse I know but if thats how they feel theres nothing we can do. Hopefully we can concentrate on the league and chamipons league.

      We have come on a long way recently so its hard when we play so bad. But I also think Harry gets certain games wrong tactically. You cant play so many small attacking players all the time and expect to win. Especially against such an organised and hard working Fulham side.

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      • To answer the question raised earlier - which was why didn't we fight back like we did against Inter - well Inter took their collective foot off the pedal and Fulham didn't for a start.

        Daws is not the quickest defender around and he is not match fit either so putting those two things together, was it the right decision to throw him into this game? Not for me, it was a big mistake. The first goal was down to his very sloppy passing although I think Hutton could have done better with the tackle. Why use the left leg to go across the player when he is right footed and it would have given him a much better chance of getting a touch on the ball?? It doesn't make sense.

        Say no more about the second. Pathetic.

        BAE fell asleep for the corner yes but where was Hutton at the back post?? He does not mark well usually but that was horrible.

        Starting with Defoe on his own was another mistake. He is just not capable at playing on his own. He looked like a little boy against those two CB's.

        VDV showed again that he has a little boy temper hacking down Murphy to earn yet another silly yellow which will see him miss some vital games along the line. Plus he played so deep he had no chance of helping Defoe even if the opportunity had come along.

        Arry made some huge mistakes and he should know it. If he doesn't then God help us.