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  • 20 mins yet to go till it closes... but it's looking pretty hopeless now. I am very disappointed that we've let the january window pass without strengthening our squad at all! (no... I didn't forget about Pienaar)
    I feel we've been spurned by all these players/clubs because we leave things too late and then scramble around like headless chickens going after almost anyone that plays a certain position.
    For some reason we don't focus on a target and just go after him with serious intention.
    We all knew Liverpool were after Suarez, it dragged on, but they got him. They even managed to focus in on Carroll, and again, they got him.
    These are two targets that we had in our sights, but we didn't show any real intention.
    Yes! Liverpool payed way too much for both, but if they click and do well on the pitch, they could very well leapfrog us in the table and perhaps even grab that unlikey 4th spot should any of that lot up there slip up.
    I certainly don't see us progressing what with our lack of firepower upfront and the casualty unit we have for a defence.
    This season is proving to be a let down, our strikers have let us down badly this season, and I feel that Harry doesn't seem to know or ackonowledge our frailties.
    The biggest worry for me, is what happens in the summer? Will we be able to hold on to the wonderful players we do have, and will we be able to attract any more of that ilk to our club? Because really, apart from lucking out on VdV in the previous window... we do seem to make a shambles of things in the transfer market.
    Transfers seem to be our biggest weakness