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    Harrys dealings

    Sorry you have missed the boat, its obvious where we need replacements and you have not delivered, you have took the accolades in the past on doing what you have done with this team.
    You needed another striker now that Keane has moved on and your attempts to get one was last minute, ok it happened with Van Der Vart in the summer but even that was touch and go, you try to bring in another Midfielder in Charli Adam why! we dont need midfielders we have copious amounts, i think the idea of bringing in Phil Neville was inconcieved not that he has not done a decent job for Everton he has but he is nearing the end of his sell by date. All the fans know we wanted a striker a full back and another C/D if this team is to move on we need quality and having watched Spurs the last 6 weeks and indeed most of the season we are sadly lacking, we have been getting away with it, there are only about 3 games that stick out this season and the european game was one of them.
    Look how many injuries we have in C/D King and Woodgate have been long term, Gallas only fit for so many games, Kaboul out now for 4 weeks at least, now we have Dawson suspended admittidley only for 1 game,
    Sorry Harry i dont think you have done yourself the fans and the club any favours.

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    • John i thought the 4-1 was funnier than the fish joke it did put a smile on my face.

    • Isn't that what you use to catch fish?

    • You wouldn't say that if you realised that I was really a Woolwich 5th Columnist trying to cause dissent and stir up trouble.....

      I think we're all after the same thing here - just a place where there are like minded (in my case that then means brain dead) people and where you can have a bit of a laugh trying to put the world of football to rights...

      I predict 1-4 tonight. Crouch and Daffy get 2 each - Crouch 1st half, Daffy comes on 2nd half and wraps it up.

      See - made you smile already...;-)!

    • Oh I know SB has occassionally made some very good points. The problem is how they are written sometimes and certainly how often - ie, "arry should have sold bentley and keane months ago instead of having them on the bench earning milliions" how many times can you say that and not get bored?

      Apart from the monotony it is, as I said, the fact that she will not be persuaded that her view may even be slightly wrong that made me think it wasn't worth it.

      The majority of views on here are well thought out and valid and it is interesting to see other peoples views on things that are different from your own. The key word is Debate me thinks.

    • John keep up the postings nothing wrong with constructive critism your comments are valid and sometimes it makes our own comments not as valid as we think, i think this site is great and nearly always there are cracking postings, obviously not the likes of ED whom i never reply to, its great we all have our own views if we did not we would all be picking the same team.
      Keep the comments coming

    • Sfer,
      I saw the previous exchanges. I also think that SB has made some valid points at times. But I think in this case it's really futile in pursuing it - my problem is that I'm like a dog with a bone, I see a post and just can't wait to reply. Boredom I suppose, or just a cantankerous old git? Probably the latter....

    • That is my point - we are challenging the 'real' big clubs (I don't mean that in a detrimental way - just that their earnings are far higher from either/and/or ground capacity and CL) - and Levy has managed to keep a transfer kitty going AS WELL as looking to redevelop the ground. All of that is down to astute business control - which includes the wage bill.
      But that transfer kitty money is finite - if Levy is to control it, we can't just go out and blow £35m on a player, without realising what the overall cost is (it isn't just the players price - its the knock on in increased salaries across the squad).

      Buying in Jan is a problem - costs soar as clubs realise the 'panic' motive. Chelsea and Liverpool are trying to get 4th as well - Chelsea can afford the dosh as long as Abram is there and is willing to bankroll it and Pool broke even by selling a player who didn't appear to want to be there anyway.

      For us, it's slightly different (IMHO) - we want to break into the top 4, but don't want to force the club into insolvency in the process. It's a fine line. So far, again apart from the Jol incident, I think Levy has done pretty well. 'arry is still to be judged, BUT we are 5th now, got 4th last season. To me that's pretty good - especially as we've done it by playing 'good' football - all we seem to be is lacking goals.

      I think expectations change - and that is only fair - but if someone had said (before Jol) that we'd be challenging for C/L places for 4 years out of what, 6?, then I would have laughed. Now its becoming real. We are there or thereabouts, and if our strikers had hit just a bit of form this season, we'd be pressing Chelsea even harder.

      I've said before, the C/L queers the pitch - once you've been in it for a few years, the extra cash means better players, which means better (hopefully) results. Its self perpetuating - so it's no mean feat to break into it - especially without the City-esque sugar daddy funding it.

    • John,

      It has been well documented that SB A) states her opinions as though they are fact and B) regularly criticises herself when she rambles on about a variety of things, and when done with no grammar, this makes it even more difficult to follow her train of thought.

      I decided along time ago not to bother responding to her posts as it proved a complete waste of time. Even if you successfully pointed out a mistake or proved beyond reasonable doubt that she is wrong and you are right she is just as likely to ignore it or twist her considerable, and confusing, words around so as to blur it all again.

      I propose that you just accept that SB is right every time and save yourself the stress of trying to put forward any other view point otherwise you are likely to die early. This is of course a forum where different views can be aired and debated but unfortunately, as far as SB is concerned, it seems it is more a place where she can tell us what is right and what is wrong with everything connected to Spurs.

    • John the figures you have quoted are from teams with much bigger ground capacities than ours and have all been heavily involved in Champions League football for far more years than Spurs have, firstly we have a ground capacity of just over 36k which for a team in C/L is nowhere big enough fair enough Levy is trying to do something about it, but with whats happening with Spurs at present is we are falling down the pecking order and the reasons are we are at present playing poor football and in my opinion are in a false position in the premiership, the other reason is we should be moving up a gear and im sorry to say the lack of signings this year when we should have pushed on has not happened, i blame both Harry and Levy for this they have had time and they do have the money but left it far to late to bring in new players, Harry has no say i firmly believe that all decisions seemed to be made by Levy, Harrys always saying he does not know whats happening ask Daniel.
      We have to to compete with other teams at the top if we are to stay in contention and if that means buying players of quality so be it, if we dont then we will just stay mediocre and will crawl along like we have for the past 50 years, when you see Liverpool spending the money they have you have to think that they were once great and have slipped down the order by not playing in C/L this year they have gone out and done it just as Chelsea have. John you have many valid points some of them on this issue i find it hard to disagree with but the census of opinion seems to think that Harry has not done enough this year to continue last years good work i think he has got his eye on the England job already and again its my opinion i dont think Harry has done a great job this year.

    • ...PS - this is out of date, but I would guess the order is roughly correct still....from June 2010 (sorry, I know you distrust stats) - from the BBC news site:
      Wage bills for 2008/2009:

      * Chelsea - £167m (£172m)
      * Man Utd - £123m (£121m)
      * Liverpool - £107m (£90m)
      * Arsenal - £104m (£101m)
      * Man City - £83m (£54m)

      (2007/08 wages in brackets)

      Source: Deloitte
      The point I'm trying to make here, should you miss it, is two fold:

      1) Levy is doing remarkably well keeping the costs down
      2) That by bringing in top players, the wage bill shoots up, leaving less money to buy players. It isn't just the cost of purchase you have to take into consideration - it's the effect on a 25 man squad when contract negotiations start.

      Wait til the 2009/2010 figures are released and see City's bill go through the roof.

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