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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 1, 2011 18:14 Flag

    Harrys dealings

    What I don't get is this: 10 players out on loan, but none sold and only 2 in?! And 4 of the 10 to PL teams...

    In (signed): Steven Pienaar (Everton, undisclosed); Bongani Khumalo (£1.5m, Supersport United)

    Out (signed): David Bentley (Birmingham City, loan); Jamie O'Hara (Wolves, loan); Kyle Walker (Aston Villa, loan); Jonathan Obika (Peterborough, loan); Harry Kane (Leyton Orient, loan); Andros Townsend (Watford, loan); Ryan Mason (Doncaster, loan); Robbie Keane (West Ham, loan); Giovani dos Santos (Racing Santander, loan); Tommy Carroll (Leyton Orient, loan)

    Don't get me wrong, I like us having the quality to get our upcoming stars trained by other people, but with numbers like that - going out in January mind, this doesn't include any season-long loans - surely we're being the worst kind of talent hoarders? Surely we don't need a squad that big, and we're just farming them, what good is this for the game?

    And I'll say it again; surely the likes of Townsend and GDS are either ready to be involved with the first team (if not necessarily in it) or to move on? Maybe if they need the experience give them a chance to get it with us!!

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    • Maybe we don't have a 'plan'?

      From the purchases made recently it doesn't appear that we're looking at the squad and strengthening specific areas as much as buying in 'talent' that's a bargain and seeing if we can make that 'talent' fit, on the assumption that if it doesn't we can still sell on and make money on the deal. That also appeared to be the Holy Comolli model - maybe Levy was then driving that model - who knows?

      VdV was a Levy call to 'arry at the last minute, wasn't Keano a similar thing, and Pienaar.. and if the stories are true Adams would have been the same.

      I honestly don't care how they buy or who really, as long as 'arry can get the best out of them and keep us up near the top. The proof is in what you do (and how you do it - 'arry seems to have the style sorted) with the players you have. We'll all disagree on who we should buy anyway (maybe not the positions we should buy in for though ;-)).

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      • Eternal optomist!

        I am often levelled with that statement!

        However my optomisim is being replaced by a horrible taste of realism!

        Has 4th slipped from reach? statistically not yet, but mentally I feel beaten.

        Who is going to step up from this squad and make something happen? Who is capable of making somthing happen?

        My confidence in HR/ Levy has been rocked! The number of people feeling the same seems to be dominate these pages, can we all be wrong? what has HR/Levy seen in this squad and some of these players that makes them think we have a chance? they can't have seen much for the last 6 weeks to feel positive about!

        A disappointed and frustrated Yidd!