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  • MEL MEL Feb 2, 2011 01:49 Flag

    Harrys dealings

    Sfer has hit the nail on the head it hurts but
    King should be put to pastures new, its not just his latest injury if you look back four or five seasons you will see how often he has not played and not for one minute am i suggesting we off load him he is a big part of our club, also John mentions Woodgate he has been exactly the same where ever he has been he has been injury prone which also is a great shame as i really think he is quality when fit, Bassong does not cut it for me and also i have heard other Spurs fans agree, as for Michael a great player in the making but since his injury he has been caught out on a lot of occasions. When you think that Kaboul who i think could slot in when fit never actually started of as a C/D and Gallas who in fairness has not done to bad but again when fit. King being sent for treatment at this stage of the season mystifies me they have known this injury is long standing and just left it same with Woody 14 months out and no surgery.