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  • MEL MEL Feb 2, 2011 22:16 Flag

    Harrys dealings

    John the figures you have quoted are from teams with much bigger ground capacities than ours and have all been heavily involved in Champions League football for far more years than Spurs have, firstly we have a ground capacity of just over 36k which for a team in C/L is nowhere big enough fair enough Levy is trying to do something about it, but with whats happening with Spurs at present is we are falling down the pecking order and the reasons are we are at present playing poor football and in my opinion are in a false position in the premiership, the other reason is we should be moving up a gear and im sorry to say the lack of signings this year when we should have pushed on has not happened, i blame both Harry and Levy for this they have had time and they do have the money but left it far to late to bring in new players, Harry has no say i firmly believe that all decisions seemed to be made by Levy, Harrys always saying he does not know whats happening ask Daniel.
    We have to to compete with other teams at the top if we are to stay in contention and if that means buying players of quality so be it, if we dont then we will just stay mediocre and will crawl along like we have for the past 50 years, when you see Liverpool spending the money they have you have to think that they were once great and have slipped down the order by not playing in C/L this year they have gone out and done it just as Chelsea have. John you have many valid points some of them on this issue i find it hard to disagree with but the census of opinion seems to think that Harry has not done enough this year to continue last years good work i think he has got his eye on the England job already and again its my opinion i dont think Harry has done a great job this year.