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  • Dennis Dennis Feb 1, 2011 17:10 Flag

    Is Harry Stupid!?

    Hi guys, this is my first message on this board but I am so angry I had to vent my frustration somewhere with some fellow Yids!

    In regards to transfers I would like you guys to give your opinion on my ideas.. I would have bought Shay Given for £3-4mil and put him as our number one (He wont be around forever but is one of the top performers in the PL for the past 10years). Also that may make Gomes buck up his ideas and learn from one of the best. That automatically makes our defence more stable knowing they have someone like Given behind them. Your thoughts?

    Lastly I know this may seem crazy but I would of hijacked Birminghams move for Obafemi Martins and took him on a 6month loan. Why? He has premier league experience and has scored a fair few with Newcastle (us Yids know all about his left foot, 85mph anyone?) He is quick, good in the air and would of been cheap and realistic.

    In my eyes he could of been a great buy as I don't feel we are in as much trouble as some may think, with Given and Martins to give the rest of the team a kick up the a$$, especially to the strikers surely we could push on in the league and for what £6 million quid!!?

    In January i'd rather spend £6mil that £30mil on one of these unproven strikers from the Spanish league hope for the best as we have a top squad and buy big in the Summer. Sorry for the rant but what do you guys think?

    Dennis :)

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    • Oops, sorry - I missed this earlier. Welcome Denise/Dennis - nice to have another female poster on the board ;-)

      Have to disagree with you though and say that I don't think we need Given seeing as we have Cudicini and Pletiwotsisname as back-up for Gomes. Cudicini has acquitted himself admirably when called upon so I feel we have adequate cover in the goalkeeping department.

      Not that convinced about Martins either - we have enough midfielders in the squad as it is (and if 'Arry gets his way we may well have another in van Bommel come the summer!) so surely as we keep saying on here our main priorities have to be defenders and strikers. Otherwise it'll be impossible to keep everyone in the squad happy if they're not playing regularly. And we know what unhappiness breeds don't we?

      I do agree however that to pay out megabucks in the January window is probably clutching at straws and smacks of panic buying at the last minute (witness our 11th hour attempt to buy yet another midfielder in Charlie Adam - great player though he is).

    • hello and welcome denise i can understand your point i think arry should have taken the short term option and maybe tried to loan Daniel Sturridge from chelsea till the end of the season.

      I also think Gomes is improving if it hadn't been for him and some good saves we would have lost to Fulham 10-0 bringing in Shay Given would be pointless when you consider we have Stipe Pletikosa and Carlo Cudicini.

      I have said it before we need a clearout at the end of the season and if i was arry i would let these players go


      I would love to see these players come in

      Adam Johnson
      Charlie Adam
      Ahmed Elmohamady
      Giuseppe Rossi
      Lassana Diarra

      as for champs league again next year i think we need to forget about fourth spot this year it simply is not going to happen but who knows what might happen in the champs league after all we all know what the year ends in.


    • I wrote a wonderful piece to add to thsi thread...but a network error here killed it (lucky yous).

      Anyway, welcome to the community Denise...and I'll leave it at that.

      Good thread

    • Couldn't agree with Sfer more.... VDV was without a doubt a great purchase, however he throws our formation in complete flux. I would be interested to see how he operates up top with a true striker.

      Playing 2 strikers and VDV as an attacking mid, like it was brought up, exposes us even more so then now. This goes back to the issue we had earlier that inspired the purchase of Palacios. We have to have a defensive minded midfielder in there, willing to make some tackles and play a somewhat robust role. While I don't short Bale, lennon, Modric, and VDV for effort, they aren't exactly tough defenders. Bale can, but with the knocks he has been taking, I'd rather see him not going into challenges.

      I think it will help alot when Huddlestone is back, assuming he is fit... not the greatest speed or tackler, but he is a big body in the heart of the midfield.

    • Hi Denise and welcome to our board. Always pleased to see new fans, even female LOL, on here. (That is just a crack after the Keys and Gray debacle.)
      You are old enough, although not as old as I, to be used to Spurs being what they are.
      Infuriating, over confident at times, brilliant to watch or absolute cr*p. So why should we expect anything different nowadays.
      Yes I agree with you on Givens and Martins coming to the club.
      I think Givens is a top keeper but I'm not sure he would help out that much. Yes he would generate more confidence than the present keepers but the defenders fit enough to be playing in front of him are just not good enough.
      King and Woodgate are both long term injuries although Woody will back in the team soon if his body stands up to playing. Dawson is no where near fit or his injury has cost him a couple of yards of pace. Gallas is an injury waiting to happen, so will never be fully fit. Bassong has so much to learn and, without a regular experienced partner alongside him, IMHO won't make it. The young South African doesn't even get a mention when Harry talks about CBs Corluka is out of favour and again IMHO isn't top draw. Kaboul is now out long term.The young England lad Caulker is out on loan, so not available. We really should have bought Mertesaker or the like.
      Martins would be a good alternative to the 3 "strikers" we have. although I still don't think it would improve the performances of the other 3. When Keane was here there was plenty of competition for starting places but NONE of them have performed consistently for the last 12 months. Not scoring or creating goals.
      We rely on the midfield for goals with the odd goal from a striker or defender. Harry said, before the debacle at Fulham, "We are doing alright, we have only lost once in the last 15 games!" He should not be saying that, although factually true, but he should said something like we just aren't scoring the goals our play deserves.
      We haven't won enough of those games, far too many draws. If we don't up our win percentage we will not even finish in the top 6, i.e. a European place.In which case absolutely nobody with proven quality will want to sign for us and we will struggle to hold onto the real quality we do have.
      If we were really serious about staying where we were or improving on last year, why weren't we buying top strikers or defenders. Like the Chavs and Pool. Both teams who have been stuggling but both teams doing something about it.
      End of my rant too.

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      • Thanks for the warm welcome, I agree with the majority of what you are saying but my one problem in regards to shelling out for a world class centre back in January is that it can be a bit of a risk. As we have seen, messing around with centre back partnerships (Dawson/Kaboul, Kaboul/Gallas, Gallas/Bassong, Dawson/Bassong, Dawson/Gallas) and so on has been hard enough and they are training together week in week out so to bring in a foreign and probably weak speaking english CB would only add more havoc. Thats why I think a small tweak in goal where people know of Given, they know he is commanding, reliable and will make them up their game as I feel Dawson, Gallas, Kaboul are class defenders who have just gone off the boil.

        With Martins I just think he would give us something different, he is versatile, would score headers, latch onto Modders and VDV through balls/over the top balls and can create a goal from distance and has done all of this very well in the premierleague.

        I am probably being a tad harsh on Harry after everything he has done but I just feel he wont open his eyes and admit a few things need shaking up, I understand it is easy to sit on Yahoo saying i'd do this and do that but to be in his shoes must be a completely different ball game and he is obviously a talented manager so I will just have to get on with it and hope he uses his Harry 'Houdini' magic to sneak into 4th!?

        As the window is now shut and we will have to deal with the squad we have for a while I would like your opinion on this line up.

        For the premier league I think we should go back to basics with a 4-4-2. Gomes, Hutton/Corluka(RB) Gallas(CB), Dawson(CB), Ekotto(LB), Lennon(RM), Modric(CM), VDV(CAM), Bale(LM), Crouch(ST), Defoe(CF)

        That is tried and tested and we can score goals with the crouch,daffy partnership with supple from our world class midfield. Then for the champions league I think we should play 4-5-1, same back four, Bale and Lennon on the wings, Palacios holding, Modric in the middle, and VDV behind Pav as I think Pav is better suited to the CL and is more confident in the CL, Thoughts?

    • I agree in part but not in whole. I think for once we have been relatively wise. Look at the three/four deals that could have happened.

      1. Torres - I actually think he's a world class player - but will his knee / hamstring / attitude hold up long term. Plus I think in the not to distant future he will want to go back to Spain. Possibly another Shevchenko.

      2. Andy Carroll - A good prospect, but if we'd have splashed out 35 mil for him I'd have cried. Doesn't score enough IMH, then again neither do we. A big gamble for silly money.

      3. Suarez - I'd have had him out of all of them. But I probably could score 20 a season in Holland. Quick and sneaky, bit like Saviola a few years ago. But maybe not what we need - anyone remember Kezman.

      4. Charlie Adam - this was the wisest move IMH, as with LFC handing out a few quid, Blackpool paniced that they'll get nothing for him and probably offered him to us for 5-6mil. Great cover in midfield / bit of steel / can pass a ball / better than Palacios. But wasn't to be.

      Notice the top teams - Manure & Arse - don't spend the money as it's potential suicide. LFC won't make CL this year - fact. Then again we may not either. However - we'll still have 50-60 million which is valued a lot more in the summer.